Watch Australian punks DMA’s get hazy in video for “Too Soon”

The DMA's | Photo by Mclean Stephenson
The DMA’s | Photo by Mclean Stephenson

Back in January, ex-Grantland music critic and band-beef aficionado Steven Hyden tweeted, “All my favorite bands are from Philadelphia or Australia… DMA’s hail from the latter.”

The Aussie DMA’s channel 90’s brit-pop excellently, but their music has a distinct punk feel that feels at home in Philly as well (the band made their local debut at Free at Noon last summer).

Regardless of Noel Gallagher’s issues with them (he has issues with almost everyone), the band carries on, hammering away with their smashing drums and shoegaze-y guitars. Oasis, for them, seems less like an inspiration and more of a jumping-off point. Continue reading →