The Morning After: Well, this could be good for the state of politically charged music, right?

Get a brain, morans!
America has spoken. And, with that voice, it has declared, "Thbbft!"

Good morning, Philadelphia! Sorry if we’re a bit late getting around to lamenting last night’s midterm election results. It’s just that, after a long, late, sad night of drinking cheap beer to drown our sorrows while watching America put its shameful self on display for the rest of the world (yet again), well—we just found it a little difficult to roll out of bed this morning.

However, from a musical perspective, there could be a bit of a silver lining: Few things stir up the defiant nature of rock and hip hop more than having Republicans in office. After all, how many iconic punk, hardcore, and hip hop albums owe part of their existence to the Reagan and Bush administrations? (The Roots’ 2006 album Game Theory is one of the more recent examples that immediately comes to mind.) So maybe we can look forward to a resurgence in politically conscious music—as well as all the activism, sense of community, and catharsis that comes with it. (At least, that’s what we’re going to tell ourselves…) Or maybe all we’ll get is a bunch of hacks with guitars shouting “Down with stuff! Smash the state!” from the stage.

Oh well. We’re going to listen to John Legend And The Roots’ politically charged Wake Up for the billionth time. It feels like a pretty appropriate soundtrack for the morning.