Do Philly’s mayoral candidates care about the local music community?

Photo by Abi Reimold |
Kurt Vile performs at Photo by Abi Reimold |

We here at The Key, for a number of reasons, tend to avoid being overtly political. But as our hometown nears tomorrow’s mayoral primary election, we’re compelled to wonder what the new mayor is willing to do for the community which we cover, investigate, support, and celebrate.

It’s not easy to be a musician in any city, and a lot of the support that Philly mayors have offered the music scene has been more symbolic than practical. In other words, Kurt Vile may have been given a city medal and celebrated with Kurt Vile Day, but policies such as musicians-only parking zones adjacent to venues remain in the idea stage. Still, musicians from all backgrounds have been an important part of our city’s national and international branding, and candidates should be paying attention to how to make their world better.

So, do Philly’s seven main mayoral candidates (six Democrats in Tuesday’s primary and one Republican) care about our city’s scrappy, diverse, tight-knit and generally excellent (though we’re clearly biased) music community? Continue reading →