How Dr. Dog recorded a Beatles song in parking lot attendant’s booth

Dr. Dog

On a Monday morning in early June, Dr. Dog’s tour van pulled into the parking lot of Stage AE in Pittsburgh. It was technically their day off, but the band had work to do before headlining the venue the following night. They had just played the Wakarusa festival in Ozark, Arkansas, and while they were there, they took in a set by The Flaming Lips, met Wayne Coyne and got to talking. It turns out Coyne and the Lips were planning an ambitious, star-studded tribute to The Beatles‘ iconic, influential psychedelic opus, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band – and they wanted Dr. Dog on board, with one catch – they had to work fast. Continue reading →


Go behind the scenes at Dr. Dog’s Electric Factory double-header

Dr. Dog at The Electric Factory | Photo by Caitlin McCann | <a href= target="_blank"></a>
Eric Slick of Dr. Dog at The Electric Factory | Photo by Caitlin McCann |

Back in in the winter, on the heels of their eighth album B-Room‘s fall release, Dr. Dog headlined two sold-out hometown shows at the Electric Factory, like they’ve done for every album they’ve released since 2010’s Shame, Shame. But like I said at the time, they have a way of giving a huge nightclub / warehouse the intimacy of a living room, and I think that stems from the band being the opposite of typical rock stars. Anyone who’s bumped into them and had a conversation with them will tell you they’re the most down to earth dudes imaginable, and that comes across in the photos we’re bringing you for today’s installment of the Dr. Dog Days of Summer.   Continue reading →


Ten essential deep cuts from the Dr. Dog vaults

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog in 2012 | Photo via Anti- Records

Songs are one thing that Dr. Dog isn’t short on. Before it broke out in 2005 with the Easy Beat LP, the band had a robust back-catalog of home-recordings that were available in varying forms – most notably 2003’s Toothbrush, still a cult favorite. But even today, their records come in accompanying deluxe editions, containing usually an EP’s worth of extra material that handily holds up to the the stuff on the album proper. And it’s not like this is stuff that you’ll never hear anywhere but the iTunes library of the Dr. Dog completist – the band is known for digging deep into the vaults in setlists. For today’s installment of the Dr. Dog Days of Summer, here are ten essential deep cuts from the Dr. Dog vaults – any or all of these would make totally sweet inclusions at the band’s Lawn of Mann show this Saturday. Continue reading →


Kick off XPN’s Dr. Dog Days of Summer with a free download of “Love”

Photo by Nicky Devine
Dr. Dog | Photo by Nicky Devine

One of the XPN-verse’s favorite Philly bands of the past decade is, without a doubt, the psychedelic popsters of Dr. Dog. They’re the rare band in the rock world with tremendous likeability and crossover appeal. Staunch classic rock advocates appreciate their devotion to the three B’s – The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Band. Indie fans appreciate their mind-bendy psych rock trips and DIY sensibilities. Jam scene devotees love their instrumental prowess and fearless drive to rock out and be in the moment. And fans of good songwriting, well, they like that these guys write a heck of a lot of good songs. Continue reading →