Pick up an ACLU benefit 7″ featuring Sad13, Purling Hiss, Louds, and more

Sad13 | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Philly and Minneapolis-based label Dirty Pillows just released a compilation featuring local artists from both of their homes. Titled ACLU Benefit Vol. 1 Phl/Mpls, the compilation is the first in a series of benefit releases that will split its tunes between two cities, and then donate the proceeds to those local community’s ACLU chapters.

This a-side of this first installment boasts Philly artists (woo we’re #1!) including Sad13, Louds, Dulls, Harsh Vibes and Purling Hiss. Making up the b-side are Minneapolis-based artists France Camp, Sasha Conda, 3M 1995, The Cult of Lip and Fog. Continue reading →


Psychic Teens share dark, introspective single, “SICKO”

Psychic Teens | photo via

Moody atmospheric punks, Psychic Teens, just shared a single off their soon-to-be-released record HEX, and it’s some deep, dark stuff. Single, “SICKO,” is an echoey, slowed-building power track that bluntly calls out a narcissistic society.

The band’s gothy, noise-filled shoegaze is matched with the monotone yet biting lyrics: “No one cares about anything other than themselves / I see it everyday, it makes me want to end it all.”  Continuing on the narrative of the disgusted observer, the lines follow: “But I must go on / just to get my sick amusement / watching culture crash and burn.” Continue reading →


There’s The Magic: Philly’s Dulls begins with shoegaze and branches beyond on their new Moon Violet

Dulls | photo by Emilia Randler | courtesy of the artist
Dulls | photo by Emilia Randler | courtesy of the artist

Last year, Fishtown four-piece Dulls played a couple shows with like-minded shoegazers, the Stargazer Lilies. However, neither band realized at the time of those summer and early fall gigs that the connection they’d made would bode so well, for Dulls specifically.

Dulls’ guitarist Evan Raab says the two bands just hit it off right away. He and drummer Jack Pfeifer had particularly liked the way the Stargazer Lilies’ albums sounded, and it just so happened that they were recorded by the band’s guitarist John Ceperano.

“I just like their sound,” Pfeifer says in earnest over a glass of water in a loud and crowded Fishtown Tavern. “So, I asked [drummer Tammy Hirata], ‘Who recorded this? Because it sounds really good.’ And she’s just like, ‘John recorded us, you should totally record with him.’ That was it. It just worked out like that.”

A couple months later, Dulls spent the first weekend of Novemeber taking in all Ceperano had to offer in his home studio in the Poconos. Raab, Pfeifer, singer and guitarist Erica Carter and bassist Kirk Bray, all agree that the experience left the band feeling positive. Even though it was just a weekend, Raab was looking forward to getting to the mountains. And as far as recording their first tape compared to this one upcoming, Raab says the setting couldn’t have been any more different. Continue reading →


Dulls preview new Moon Violet EP with “New Dream” single

Dulls | photo via Bandcamp

Local shoegaze outfit Dulls spent a weekend in the studio with Stargazer Lilies’ John Ceparano last fall with the goal of recording a sophomore EP. Now that post-production is wrapping up and a release date is set for the end of the month, the sludgy-but-sparkling quartet has shared a new track from Moon Violet called “New Dream.”

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