The Week’s Best MP3 Downloads, incl. Tim Kasher, Daniel Bachman / Matthew Sage, Sir Sly

Daniel+Bachman+danielbachmanWe can’t let go of Daniel Bachman, even though the young guitarist moved away from Philly half a year ago.  Luckily he’s always got something new for us to dig into in his absence, like this week’s cassette / download collaboration with Colorado’s Matthew Sage, improvised and recorded live for Patient Sounds.  The cassette is sold out but you can listen to excerpts of the session below and download it here.

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My Morning Download: “Rabbit Runs A Destiny” by Duquette Johnston

Photo by Cary Norton
Singer-songwriter Duquette Johnston is this week’s World Cafe: Next featured artist. Johnston hails from Alabama and releases his new album after a three year hiatus called Rabbit Runs a Destiny. Prior to pursuing a solo career, Johnston was the founder and bass player of the band Verbena. For his new album, Johnston worked with producer by Armand Margjeka and the album includes some excellent players including guitarist Kyle Ryan, bassist Adam Popick, string player Eleonore Denig and drummer Evan Hutchings. File under: Modern Rustic; Johnston’s unique mix of acoustic and electric sounds is heightened by his outstanding story telling. Below, download the title song.