Watch Satellite Hearts perform their new single “Cost of Living” at Walla Fest (playing World Cafe Live on 3/24)

SatHeartPhilly rock band Satellite Hearts will release their new single “Cost of Living” on March 21st ahead of a mini spring tour.  The single comes after the four-piece’s debut full-length Imperial Green (released last November) and proves that the band is still on their game of creating catchy rock & roll tunes that cross the decades from classic rock to indie psych / rock.  Tickets and information for their all-ages show at World Cafe Live on Sunday, March 24th with Black Stars and Early Ape can be found here.  Watch the live video of “Cost of Living” from January’s Walla Fest in Norristown below.


Watch Satellite Hearts perform two new songs at Walla Fest (playing World Cafe Live on 3/24)

Philly rockers Satellite Hearts played a set at Norristown’s Walla Fest recently, psyching out to songs from their recent Imperial Green LP and sharing two new songs with the enthusiastic crowd, “Fearless Freaks” and “Fools Gold.”  The tracks highlight the best of Satellite Hearts, with a rousing instrumental jam, anchored by bassist Lucas Rinz’s driving groove, threading the two songs together.  Watch a video of the band performing “Fearless Freaks” and “Fools Gold” at Walla Fest below.  Tickets and information for their show at World Cafe Live upstairs with Black Stars and Early Ape on March 24th can be found here.


Philly Local Philes: Early Ape’s “Human Zoo”

Early Ape

Nate Rylan knows a thing or two about music. The singer and guitarist at the helm of Early Ape had damn well better; he teaches it for a living at Independent Rock (an offshoot of Paul Green School of Rock, where he got his start). His band’s songs have a learned sense of keys, chord changes, time signatures, and music-theory thingamabobs that us civilians might not notice immediately—but those in the trenches will tell you make the difference between a song that’s merely okay and a piece of pop perfection. Early Ape definitely skews towards the latter; the band’s self-titled debut EP had a serious Pernice Brothers feel, and its new Science Colony sounds very A.C. Newman. Especially this cut, “Human Zoo,” a hooky number that furthers Early Ape’s evident thematic fixation. Sci-fi power pop, perhaps? To that end, I challenge Rylan to write a song with a chorus that goes “You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you!” Not only am I sure he can do it, I’m sure it will be awesome. Early Ape performs with 28 North, Jeff Thomas, and Eric Bazilian, Saturday, December 4th, at The Grape Room; tickets to the 21+ show are $7.