Philly Local Philes: Elevator Fight’s “Little Ghost”

A spirited tune for this Halloween – or one with the word “ghost” in the title, at any rate – today’s Philly Local Phile comes from Elevator Fight, one of the numerous side pursuits from DRGN King frontman Dominic Angelella. This band features the dynamic vocal stylings of Zoe Kravitz (who has Angelella in a headlock in the photo at left). On some numbers, she’s a forceful and commanding rock and roll presence of Joan Jett proportions, but she’s just as apt to go introspective and sensitive, as she does on “Little Ghost,” today’s featured track. Give it a listen below – it comes from the band’s forthcoming Post Empire record, and if you dig what you hear, you can check out a five-song sampler of the album over at Elevator Fight’s Bandcamp page.