I hope this MySpace + Facebook announcement is as world-shattering as The Beatles on iTunes (UPDATE: It wasn’t.)

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Only two days after Apple changed next to nothing about the way the world listens to The Beatles, we have what could possibly be even bigger news related to the Internet’s consumption of digital music. From Hypebot:

(Updated) MySpace and Facebook will make a major joint announcement at Noon PST today according to a press invitation sent last night.  Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace, and Dan Rose, VP of partnerships and platform marketing for Facebook will be handling the presentation, but no other details were offered. Several sources are pointing towards increased integration between the two services.

According to London’s Telegraph, MySpace will start to accept Facebook logins, a move that will be seen many as MySpace admitting that Facebook has won the social networking war. In return, perhaps Facebook will integrate more of MySpace’s music content.  Stay tuned for details.
And stay tuned for this MAJOR JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT we will! We quiver in anticipation of what Facebook (which recently blew our minds away with its email-killing “modern messaging system”) and MySpace (whose clunky redesign has sucked away the last bit of usefulness the site had as an online repository for music) are capable of when they put their two massive brains together. We can only hope it involves even more weird social plugins and invasions of privacy.

UPDATE 4:07 P.M.:
Sadly, the announcement was nowhere near as world-shattering as The Beatles on iTunes. (Which is to say that it was even less world-shattering than the least world-shattering music news released this week.) From Hypebot:

Today, a “thrilled” MySpace CEO Mike Jones announced that users have access to a mashup of Facebook and  MySpace feeds that provides a combined personal entertainment and interest stream. A Facebook Like button will also be added.

Mashup with Facebook builds upon Sync with Facebook, a recently introduced feature that enables the syncing of a Myspace status update with a Facebook profile or Page.

So, basically, everything people predicted would happen in terms of Facebook/MySpace integration prior to the press conference even being announced will now happen. Simply put: “With traffic tumbling, owner NewsCorp publicly pondering a sale and even the musicians that were the cornerstone of its original growth not bothering to keep their pages updated, MySpace did the only thing that that it could do – link more deeply with Facebook to try to drive some traffic.”

As of right now, says, “1,960,243 people just shared what they’re into.” That’s cool and all—almost as cool as the constant use of the “hip” word “mashup” in place of nerdy tech-speak such as “integration.” (MySpace is still hip, everyone—really!) But it feels like all this amounts to is sharing the same stuff with the same people via two different social networking sites that do the same thing. Really, the only thing anyone uses MySpace for anymore is going to band pages and listening to music—and, these days, you’re better off using SoundCloud or Bandcamp for that, anyway. So, sorry MySpace, but we won’t be coming back.