Review: Man Overboard’s Lost Tape Collective Holiday Show brings DIY punk to the masses

Man Overboard | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |
Man Overboard | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |

The holidays are a time each year where bands put on special shows in their hometowns, thanking the fans that over time brought them the success they currently have. Local punk heroes Man Overboard, in collaboration with their record label Lost Tape Collective, have taken their annual holiday show and turned it into one of the biggest pop-punk gatherings to hit Philadelphia each year. Bringing together newcomers and some of the biggest names in the scene it is no surprise that this show has been growing exponentially since it started in 2011.

The show kicked off with the totally not pop punk band Fight Amputation. This aggressive New Jersey hardcore band may have seemed like an unlikely pick for the opening spot of this lineup, but put on a solid performance that got even the poppiest of punk fans headbanging along. South Jersey boys Young Statues hit the stage next. In stark contrast to Fight Amps, Young Statues brought a melodic sound to the stage, getting fans swaying and singing.

Crowd surfers | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |

The TLA had removed their normal barrier from in front of the stage, meaning fans could stage dive and crowd surf to their heart’s content. Hometown heroes and personal favorite of us over at The Key, Modern Baseball, was the third to play. Before the band even hit the stage, the crowd had already pushed forward in anticipation. As I listened to audience members gossip about how great their new single is and how cute __________ (insert band members’ name here) is, I could tell this wasn’t going to be any ordinary set for the boys. Continue reading →