Party with Cayetana alongside a stacked lineup at New Kind of Normal record release shindig

Cayetana | photo by Jess Flynn

May 5th just went from an awesome day to a supremely wonderful hooplah of a day.  In addition to the upcoming Cayetana record New Kind of Normal being released, Guild Shows just announced that Cayetana will rock a record release show that night at First Unitarian Church alongside the likes of Katie Ellen, Shannen Moser, and Aster More. Can I get a heck yee. Continue reading →


Support a more inclusive scene with No Gatekeepers, the 2016 First Time’s the Charm compilation

Whipworm | photo by John Vettese for WXPN
Whipworm | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

As superb and awesome as Philly’s music scene is, one aspect that remains not-so-hot is the lack of diversity. With so many prominently acts made up of white, straight men, it can be difficult for women, artists of color, and members of the LBGTQ community to feel included and respected. So how to combat this aura of exclusivity, might you inquire? Inclusiveness and active representation for days, that’s how. Enter: First Times the Charm. This event of greatness, founded in 2013 and reprised in 2016, is a two-night festival at PhilaMOCA that celebrates and jams out to new bands with underrepresented members — all of whom are playing their first show.

We’re big fans of First Time’s The Charm — having discovered locals like Marge and Littler from the first edition of the festival — so last year, The Key teamed up with both the organization as well as our compatriots at Folkadelphia to record 15 out of the 20 bands who performed at FTTC 2016. The resulting compilation was just released on Bandcamp as No Gatekeepers: First Time’s The Charm 2016 and includes Aster More, Taxes, Dumb Hair, Heretrix, Whipwrom and Joyful Exit, the songs range from gritty and loud, to soft and melodic, to quirky and refreshingly unexpected. Continue reading →


First Time’s The Charm returns to PhilaMOCA this summer; registration opens February 25th

Littler | Photo by Emily Burtner | courtesy of the artist

If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a band, here’s your chance: registration for First Time’s the Charm, a concert that features musicians who have never been in a band before or who are playing a new instrument, opens on February 25th.

The festival was held for the first time in 2013 at PhilaMOCA, and it was a resounding success — a number of bands were formed that are still active in the Philly scene, including Littler, who just released a catchy new single “Slippery.” Continue reading →