Folkadelphia Session: Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe
Photo by Ally Newbold |

Finally, Folkadelphia is pleased to present the premiere of our session with Chelsea Wolfe, recorded five months ago from today – how time flies! – but what an absolutely perfect one for Halloween. The genesis of our session with Wolfe can be tracked to the end of 2012 when we saw she was performing at the tiny and intimate First Unitarian Church Chapel. Jump forward in time through two albums (Unknown Rooms and last year’s Pain is Beauty), various tours, and a handful of emails back-and-forth, and we finally were able to welcome Wolfe and her band to the WXPN studio. Why the extra enthusiasm for this session? Why try so hard to record a single artist? Well, listen to Chelsea Wolfe and you’ll immediately find out why.
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Folkadelphia Session: Mandolin Orange

Over the past handful of years, the North Carolinian duo Mandolin Orange, comprised of Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, have been building and growing on their extreme talent and chemistry together, on the road and on record. Last year they released their most accomplished record yet, This Side of Jordan, via the Yep Roc Records label, a perfect home for this brand of genuine and emotional Americana. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Slowey and the Boats

As we make the seemingly abrupt change from the muggy warm weather months to the brisk autumnal chill, let’s reminisce. As you break out the long-sleeves, the flannel, the sweaters, let’s remember how good Summer was to us. Perhaps you had a beach vacation or a leisurely stroll in the forest that’ll keep you going through the cold that’s coming. For us here at Folkadelphia, we’ll think on our recording session with Philadelphia local’s Slowey and the Boats. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Dom Flemons


I had more than one fan-boy moment during our recording session with Dom Flemons back in June of this year. Sometimes I can’t help it, my excitement disrupts my normally cool professional exterior. It’s just that I love Flemon’s music a lot – from his work with his former group the Carolina Chocolate Drops to his solo material, like this year’s absolutely phenomenal Prospect Hill – so, it was a bit of a coup on our part to snag him into the studio. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Lily & Madeleine

It’s certainly easy to stay focused on the musical accomplishments and inherent talent compared to the respective ages of Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, the sisters that make up the duo Lily & Madeleine. The accomplishments are grand – an LP and EP in the bag, a fantastic sophomore album Fumes to be imminently released by Sufjan Steven’s Asthmatic Kitty Records, the talent runs deep and strong in these two, and their ages, well, let’s just say teenaged. Instead of framing it like “look what these girls have accomplished and they’re only BLAH BLAH BLAH years old,” how about we say that Lily and Madeleine have just commenced on their hopefully long and fruitful musical journey. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: The Bones of J.R. Jones

In our latest session, you’ll hear the Bones of J.R. Jones. The band is self-described as “dirty, grainy, blues-influenced” that navigates the divide between full-on sweaty face-in-the-dirt rock-and-roll and somber folk-balladeering. You’ll hear resounding drum hits, shimmering tambourines, thumping bass, beefy guitar licks, stomping boots, and some sweet harmonica playing. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Sam Moss


Back in February, I started emailing back and forth with Vermont songwriter Sam Moss about setting up a show in Philly. While the show didn’t pan out, a stellar Folkadelphia Session did come out of all of our efforts.

I first became aware of Moss’s music through the Tompkins Square label’s Imaginational Anthem series which feature new, up-and-coming guitarists, as well as legends and treasures of the American Primitivism movement. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Leif Vollebekk

As with most Americans who have heard the guy, we were introduced to Montreal’s Leif Vollebekk through North Americana, his ode to his travels through the United States, released at the beginning of 2014. On the record which owes influence to mid-70s Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, Vollebekk creates a spacious and rich sonic landscape with “the best band in the world,” as he notes in his bio. While this type of songwriting doesn’t tread new ground per se, the singer-songwriter brings a poetry, grace, and soulfulness not often heard. And gosh darn if he ain’t a heck of a songwriter. Continue reading →


Folkadelphia Session: Cuddle Magic

Back at the end of 2012, Folkadelphia recorded a stripped down set in the auxiliary broadcast room at WXPN with folk goddess Anais Mitchell. During this session, we met an excitable, highly passionate, and imaginative individual named Ben Davis who was playing in Mitchell’s band (alongside Rachel Reis). As they played, we were privy to just a glimpse of the insane brilliance that Davis brings with him everywhere he goes. He also told us about his own project Cuddle Magic. How could we not listen after all of what we witnessed? Continue reading →