Food Court, featuring live music by The Necks, makes U.S. debut at Philadelphia Live Arts Festival

Photo by Tim Williams

Food Court, a theater and live music collaboration between Australia’s Back To Back Theater and the Australian experimental music group The Necks, makes its U.S. debut as part of the Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe. Opening on Thursday, September 20, the performance has a three-night run at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater.

Founded in 1987, Back To Back has earned a reputation as being a politically, and morally, challenging theater company consisting of actors who, as Artistic Director Bruce Gladwin says, “are perceived to have intellectual disabilities.” For Food Court, a brutal, discomforting play about an emotionally and physically abused woman that takes place in a series of visually disorienting settings, Gladwin envisioned a less structured musical component to accompany the script-driven performance. The Necks, a long-running improvising trio that has recorded over a dozen albums, were a perfect match. Continue reading →