Just Announced: George Clinton’s retirement tour brings a funk spectacular to Franklin Music Hall

George Clinton | photo by Jeff Hahne | via Pitchfork

Really, really trying hard here not to make a bad dad joke about George Clinton‘s retirement, like how he’s going to “give up the funk”…and I guess that by acknowledging that, I’ve still made it, right? Doggoneit.

In any case, Clinton — who has been a living legend for as long as I’ve been musically cognizant, and has been musically active since my parents were my nephews’ age (figure out that math) — announced last year that 2019 would mark his retirement from touring. “I would love to keep on doing this,” the Parliament/Funkadelic frontman tells Rolling Stone. “But I’ll be 78 in a few more months. Even though I feel like I’m just getting started, the reality is the group needs to go ahead and keep it going.” Continue reading →