Check out the compilation from SIMGE’s third annual 24 Hour Songwriting Competition

Cover art for SIGME’s 3rd Annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge | via Bandcamp

For the third year running, the music bloggers at Jersey’s Speak Into My Good Eye have hosted their 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge — amd event that enormously accelerates the creative process.

Editor in Chief Michael Mehalik came up with this idea at a time in which he was feeling “particularly uninspired,” and ended up creating an event that forces artists to construct song ideas in a short period of time. The North Jersey-based group began accepting submissions from Philadelphia and New York as of last year. The concept is that artists have to write and record an original song in a 24 hour window at the end of which they will submit their tracks to be compiled into an LP by SIMGE.

This year the contest received an impressive 47 submissions, compared to last year’s 30 participants. The comp came out on October 26th via Bandcamp; whichever artist that receives the most downloads by November 18th will win free recording time care of New Jersey-based label Eight+Sixteen Records. Continue reading →