Watch the new video for “Top Bunk” by Gauntlet Hair (performing Dec. 4th at Milkboy Philly)

And it’s inspired by the works of noted thespian Arnold Schwarzenegger. From the band’s label:

When we first met Gauntlet Hair and were getting to know their likes and interests, one was a little more unusual than the rest: they collect Arnold Schwarzenegger movies on VHS. No one knows that the world record number of copies of Commando is, but we would imagine for that they are in the running. Their fascination with the Austrian Oak and the unintentional hilarity level of most of his films were the inspiration behind the “Top Bunk” video…Directed by William Doyle of Neighborhood Watch, “Top Bunk” features many of Schwarzenegger’s films with sub characters that are iconic to his fans and also includes footage from a very rarely-seen trailer of the Terminator.

Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk. from Neighborhood Watch on Vimeo.

Gauntlet Hair performs with local acts Moon Women and Wigwams at 8 p.m. Sunday, December 4th, at Milkboy Philly; tickets to the 21+ show are $8–$10.


Tonight’s Concert Pick: Gauntlet Hair at Kung Fu Necktie

Gauntlet Hair‘s self-titled debut has been a long time in the making. The lo-fi experimental duo released its first album earlier this month (via Dead Oceans), but best friends Andy Rauworth and Craig Fleischman have been making music together since they were 15. Like many of their chillwave contemporaries, Rauworth and Fleischman pair electronic drum beats with echoing guitar riffs and muffled vocals; however, the duo’s upbeat, multi-faceted approach has earned it comparisons to wide a range of artists, from M83 to Animal Collective. Gauntlet Hair performs with Music For Headphones and Ladies Auxiliary at 8 p.m. at Kung Fu Necktie; tickets to the 21+ show are $10. —Naomi Shavin