Tonight’s Concert Picks: The Kooks at The Trocadero, Girl In A Coma at North Star Bar

The Kooks are reminiscent of a modern day Brit-rock Invasion. Embodying various components of The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones, The Kooks uses formulaic musical tactics that have been proven repeatedly successful by its predecessors. On the band’s third album, Junk Of The Heart, Luke Pritchard’s nasally vocals are backed by classic rock arrangements that build to satisfying, but simple choruses. These choruses and verses are composed of minimal instrumentation with straightforward chord progressions; the lyrics themselves are accessible, not overly cryptic or deep. Though the band may not be the most poetic or musically innovative, the music is enjoyable pop/rock that mirrors that of its Brit-Rock forerunners. The Kooks perform with The Postelles at 8 p.m. at The Trocadero Theatre; tickets to the show are SOLD OUT. —Caitlyn Grabenstein

It is Nina Diaz’s voice that saves Girl in A Coma from fading into the rut of female punk oblivion. Unlike the San Antonio three-piece’s contemporaries (such as The Vivian Girls—or The Donnas before them), Girl in A Coma vetoes the simplistic nature of punk-inspired vocals and instead offers front woman Diaz’s subtle vibrato and surprising sensuality. Even in the breathy track, “Smart,” which was released earlier this month on the band’s fourth and latest album, Exits And All The Rest, Diaz’s voice has a discernable strength resting beneath her attempted whispers. It is a refreshing sound to hear in female punk, and comes a little unexpectedly if judging solely on the band members’ tattoos and Converse shoes. Though signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart label, the group cites influences from outside of the monotone-chant-singing genre, the band most explicitly paying honor to The Smiths and Radiohead. Though those are lofty names to drop, the band shows potential for that kind of success—or at least enough to out-sing its competitors. Girl In A Coma performs with Coathangers and Brothers of Brazil at 8 p.m at North Star Bar; tickets to the 21+ show are $12. —Marielle Mondon