Meet Girlpool: LA transplants creating girl-punk duets

Girlpool | Photo by Alice Baxley | via
Girlpool | Photo by Alice Baxley | via

The reason Cleo Tucker started playing guitar was because she and British multi-genre performer, Joan Armatrading, have the same birthday. She was seven and saw the musician play a concert after she finished school one day.

When Harmony Tividad was a kid, she would sing a lot, so her parents put her into choir and piano lessons.

“My dad is a bass player and played a lot of music when I was a kid,” she said. She was 13 when she started playing bass; she’s 19 now.

Tividad and Tucker were both born and raised in Los Angeles. They are the two halves of the girl-punk duo Girlpool, and started attending shows in the downtown scene when they were sixteen. Continue reading →