New Music: “Inner Visions” by Gliss

GlissMore new aural goodness from Philly rapper Gliss hit our radar today thanks to the folks at “Inner Visions,” the latest cut from his forthcoming High on a Weekday LP, has a nice Boomerang Soundtrack-era R&B underbelly, bent and warped around Gliss’ wandering rhymes dissecting the state of the world circa 2013. Listen to it below, and keep your eyes peeled for High on a Weekday this summer.


Vibe out with Philly rapper Gliss in his new music video for “Same Sh*t”

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 11.31.09 AMPhilly MC Gliss is getting ready to drop his mixtape High on a Weekday, and lest there be any confusion about what that title alludes to pretty much flat-out says, the new music video for “Same Sh*t” alleviates it in the first two seconds. Watch Gliss get mellow with his pizza-munching production crew – our homies Les Professionnels, who have a pretty priceless exchange mid-track about who among them is truly “the space cowboy” – and download the song here. Look for the release of High on a Weekday this summer.

Gliss x Same Sh*t from Sil ‘Spike Jordan’ Beyah on Vimeo.


Free Download: “Same Sh*t,” a new single from Philly rapper Gliss

He dropped the “Young,” but Philly rapper Gliss is still the same pointed and promising MC. On the other hand, his new single is about that point where same-ness reaches monotony, and the day to day grind calls for escape. Gliss is unapologeticly open about what kind of escape he’s looking for; download the track, recorded with Philly production crew Les Professionnels, in the player below.