Download tracks from Grubstake’s latest album (playing MilkBoy Philly tomorrow night)

Although Grubstake’s sound ranges from alternative baroque folk to harmonica-and-fiddle blues, there is an unmistakable punk ethos in their music and their methods.  The trio recorded their latest album Anyhow, released last November, onto 8-track cassettes in living rooms up and down the east coast while paying “meticulous attention to not being meticulous in the recording process.”  Tomorrow the underground punks will re-release their 2011 LP Anyhow, but this time it’s on vinyl.  The 21+ release show is at MilkBoy Philly at 8:30 p.m. with Satellite Hearts, and tickets are $8 here.  Grubstake has also posted a few of the tracks from Anyhow on their Bandcamp as free downloads, so make sure you grab them here after listening to “Spirit of Dublin” below.