The Week’s Best Free MP3s, incl. Basia Bulat, Sidewalk Atlas, Trophy Wife and more


Photo by John Vettese
Photo by John Vettese

Folkadelphia welcomed Basia Bulat into the studio for a live session last fall and premiered it this week on XPN.  The singer-songwriter performed poignant songs from both her recent Tall Tall Shadow release and her debut Oh, My Darling.  Stream and download the stripped-down performance below.

Trophy Wife stopped by for this week’s Key Studio Session.  The local genre chameleons recorded raw takes of songs that will appear on their upcoming third LP, expected later this year.  Check out the “metaphysical pondering” of “Transition” below and get the full set here.

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Tonight’s Concert Picks: Snowmine and Norwegian Arms at Johnny Brenda’s, Chill Moody at Hard Rock Cafe, Tom Brosseau at Ortlieb’s and more…

Norwegian Arms | Photo by John Vettese
Norwegian Arms | Photo by John Ve

Brooklyn indie pop quintet Snowmine and Philadelphia favorites Norwegian Arms team up for a show at Johnny Brenda’s tonight.  The former are celebrating the release of their new record Dialects, a cinematic and textural experience that the band pulls off exquisitely in a live setting.  Bright alt-folk trio Norwegian Arms released their impressive and immersive Wolf Like a Stray Dog LP in 2012, following it up last year with a 7″ single for “Jitterbug,” which you can listen to below.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show with Dream Safari can be found here.

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Who do Chill Moody, Hank McCoy and Beano love?

(L-R: Hank McCoy, Beano, Chill Moody) Photo by Caitlin Morris
L-R: Hank McCoy, Beano, Chill Moody | Photo by Caitlin Morris | Courtesy of Hank McCoy (originally published in Jump Philly)

If you yearn for the glory days of Eighties New Jack Swing, then look no further than the new album from Philly soul patrol including rapper Chill Moody, producer and songwriter Hank McCoy and R&B singer Beano.

The three have collaborated together over the last several years on a series of Valentine’s Day related releases and they have just released their latest, Who Do You Love…More?. It’s confident, well produced, well sung and well rapped and points to huge potential for this combination.

(Read more – Get to know Philly beatmaker Hank McCoy)

Back to the New Jack Swing thing, this new collection of songs is definitely rooted in the crossover world of R&B, pop and hip-hop. Highlights on the album include “StillYoung,” which nods to Keith Sweat’s “Nothing Lasts Forever, “WhatsForBreakfast,” and the sultry “KelisThing.” McCoy works in some pretty smart samples including the Paul Mauriat version of the Tom Jones classic, “It’s Not Unusual.” If you want to bridge the gap between 80′s New Jackers like Keith Sweat, Guy, Teddy Riley and New Edition and the latest interpretation of R&B and hip-hop, then McCoy, Moody and Beano’s new release is right on time.

The Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy Who Do You Love…More? record release show is this Friday evening, February 7th at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Below, listen to “LastNightInTown” from Who Do You Love…More?


The Best of Philly Music 2013

Photo by Abi Reimold
Photo by Abi Reimold

In September 2010, we started The Key because we wanted to offer the local music scene another platform to reach more audiences. We also started it because starting in the early aughts we noticed something happening here creatively amongst the local music scene that was hadn’t felt in a while – it was growing creatively and the buzz about how good the local scene was becoming more significant.

More new bands were starting than ever before, more music was becoming available for fans and more musicians were looking for ways to connect to fans. To me, the last five years of “the scene” reminds me a lot of the Philly music scene in the mid-Eighties to early Nineties when bands like Electric Love Muffin, Three Times Dope, The Wishniaks, Nixon’s Head, the Goats, the Dead Milkmen, Schoolly D, The Low Road, The Hooters, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and Tommy Conwell all represented for Philly on both local and international stages. We thought Philly 2012 was a banner year for the local music scene. Guess what? 2013 was even better. Here are some of the best things about the Philly music scene in 2013.

Dr. Dog made their best album yet, B-Room.

Man Man made their best record yet, On Oni Pond.

The Districts signed with Fat Possum. Look for an EP with a couple of old songs and new tunes on January 26th.
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Download a new instrumental mixtape from Philly beatmaker Hank McCoy

maxresdefaultPhilly producer Hank McCoy is a clever beatmaker, but I didn’t realize until today just how clever his handle is as well. He goes by “hankmccoybeats” in most social media circles, and if you Google image search that (as I was doing to find the picture above), you turn up a bunch of photos of a familiar face from The X-Men. Like Hank McCoy, beast. Like, duh John. It’s a crafty, but subtle nickname, though – if you get it, cool, and if you don’t, the music doesn’t suffer (but you should probably read more comics) – and likewise, Hank is a crafty weaver of instrumental hip-hop tapestries. nicethings was the same: Raijin Edition opens with a classy disco-soul synth-string section  on “Make You A Believer”, then slips into a slick funk crawl on “The Block,” later breaking out into a jazz-flute and trombone dance number called “The Sun.” It’s way versitle, and touches on some sinister moments as well – like the bass heavy trap tones of “OG.” But Hank doesn’t beat you over the head with his mastery of styles (even if he does run the breathy-voiced DJ drops pretty hard and heavy); rather, he presents them for you to either imagine them paired with rhymes by any of Philly’s dope MCs (Chill Moody is a frequent collaborator), or simply enjoy them as pieces of music unto themself. Stream the mix below, download it at Bandcamp.


Listen: New track by Chill Moody x Apollo the Great


A West Philadelphia native, hip-hop artist Chill Moody combines forces with Camden rapper Apollo the Great for this recently released track, “LayUp Drills.” Both artists deliver hard-hitting and heated verses, which mesh well with the string orchestration and smooth beat produced by Hank McCoy. Take a listen to the AubGreen Collective cut below and hope for future collaboration between these two. In the meantime, catch Chill Moody on the Questlove Stage of the July 4th Welcome America festivities on the Ben Franklin Parkway.


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Chill Moody at The Blockley, Pissed Jeans at Underground Arts, Goodnight Texas at Kung Fu Necktie

Photo by Ricky Codio |

After celebrating the release of his RFM LP with a sold-out crowd at The TLA a couple of months ago, local hip hop artist Chill Moody comes to The Blockley for another celebration – this time a celebration of love.  Moody will team up once again with Beano and Hank McCoy to perform the last installment in their Valentine’s Day mixtape Who Do You Love? in its entirety.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show can be found here.  Below, watch them perform a track from the mixtape live in Love Park.

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Chill Moody to perform Who Do You Love? live in its entirety at Love Park Sept. 28

West Philly rapper Chill Moody announced today that he and his crew of collaborators – singer Beano, production guru Hank McCoy – would perform their entire Who Do You Love? collaboration in its entirety (and backed by a live band, Band for Higher) at Love Park in Philadelphia on Friday Sept. 28 at noon. “Think MTV Unplugged meets VH1 storytellers meets #nicethingsTV,” wrote Chill in a blog post today.

yesterday we went uptown for the first rehearsal. this is the first time any of us has heard this band play any of these songs. we weren’t like nervous, cuz we are familiar with Band For Higher they play for like everybody, but we were def anxious to see how things would turn out. needless to say we were pleased.

the show is going to be amazing. figuring out all the transitions is going to be the most difficult part, but i think we got it.

Check out footage from the rehearsal below. The show on Sept. 28 is free, open to the public, and will be followed by a 1 p.m. set.


Chill Moody and Hank McCoy release new mixtape; We Can’t Read Cursive (The Best of Hank & Chill)

Chill Moody and Hank McCoy have released a new mixtape, We Can’t Read Cursive (The Best of Hank & Chill) that you can download for free here.

Chill explains:

Me and Hank were having an instagram battle the other day posting old “embarrassing” childhood photos of eachother (we’re 1st cousins), then my little cousin Toni (Hank’s sister) sent the picture with us two together and we instantly thought “album cover”. This is a collection of songs we’ve done together that date back to like 2006. Most songs were recorded in my basement, all produced by Hank McCoy. Enjoy
ps. we really can’t read cursive… long story


Philly Local Philes: Chill Moody’s “What Took You So Long”

Last week, West Philadelphia rapper Chill Moody released Who Do You Love?, his third annual Valentine’s Day collaboration with producer Hank McCoy. This time, R&B vocalist Beano was recruited to add some melodic hooks to the mix. You can download the entire mixtape at Chill’s website, and get a taste in today’s Philly Local Phile with “What Took You So Long.” Its soul sample, sharp raps and romantic refrain are a trip back to the days of the Boomerang Soundtrack. Listen below, and catch Chill in concert at Silk City next Tuesday Feb. 28.