Boy & Bear brought Limit of Love to a devoted Underground Arts crowd

boy & bear
Boy & Bear | photo by Matthew Shaver |

When Australia’s Boy & Bear hit the stage at Underground Arts on Friday night, the fanfare was enormous. The raucous hurrahs were so loud at one point, David Hosking actually had to hush the crowd so he could get a few words in edgewise. So, imagine my surprise when I forfeit my spot at the front of the stage to wander back and get some wide shots of the show. It was little more than half full, which was a bit of a shock, and a bit more of a disappointment. Mostly because Boy & Bear are really, really, really, good. Like… really.

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New Music Show Preview w/ Peter Gabriel, Julia Jacklin & more!

Peter Gabriel

Here’s a sample of what’s coming up Monday night at 8pm on our New Music Show:

“I’m Amazing” by PETER GABRIEL

In what’s surely a bittersweet circumstance, the passing of boxing legend Muhammad Ali has inspired a new song from Peter Gabriel. Unveiled on his website late last week, “I’m Amazing” is a wonderful sonic expedition.  At just over 7 minutes the song’s musical twists & turns are as pleasing and dynamic as you might expect from Gabriel.


“Pool Party” by JULIA JACKLIN

Let’s get to know Australian newcomer Julia Jacklin. At 25 years old, the aspiring social worker has turned to music full-time, and we’re happy she did.  While it’s easy to label her a singer-songwriter, Jacklin seems to draw up a variety of musical identities.  Listening to “Pool Party”, the first song from the upcoming album Don’t Let The Kids Win, gives you the feeling that Jacklin has a broad vision for her music and we’re excited to see where it goes.


First Impression Artist: HANNAH GEORGAS

For Evelyn is a stunning new album, coming out this Friday, from Hannah Georgas (pronounced “George-ahs”).  Dedicated and titled for her grandmother, For Evelyn is the third album from the Canadian songwriter.  The songs are soaked in synths, wonderfully produced, and on a lyrical level offer a pretty revealing, introspective look into Hannah’s world.  We’ll play you a couple tracks from the new album Monday night!

And for more of what we’ve been spinning each Monday night – check out XPN’s Best New Music Spotify playlist: