Folkadelphia Sessions V shows folk’s many faces with Julie Byrne, Sammus, Harmony Woods, and more

Julie Byrne | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Though the inherent weary restlessness of folk music can never truly be contained, local folk organization, Folkadelphia, has a home here at WXPN on the air and at The Key through Fred Knittel’s studio sessions. This past year hosted a particularly gem-filled handful of folk discoveries, which is documented in the fifth installment of the Folkadelphia Sessions compilation featured below. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Kississippi, Field Medic, and Harmony Woods to hit the Cages this February

Kississippi | photo by Megan Thompson | courtesy of the artist

Hold whatever you’re doing, friends, because there is one mighty fine gig coming up that you must know about. Taking place at Everybody Hits on February 15th, this beautiful bill boasts Kississippi, Field Medic, and Harmony Woods. So yes, just go and knock my hat off, why don’tcha. Continue reading →


The Key’s Year-End Mania: Megan Cooper’s top ten train tracks (a commute playlist for 2017)

Chastity Belt | photo via

Year-End Mania is the Key’s annual survey of the things below the surface that made 2017 incredible. Today, Megan Cooper shares the soundtrack that kept her sane on SEPTA.

This past year, I’ve spent a quite a bit of time on public transport. Not having a car, while splitting my life between the ‘burbs as I finished up school (woo I’m done!) and the city as I worked and went to many a gig, you could say the R5 Regional Rail line was —  for better or for worse — sort of like a second home to me.

Because although SEPTA often left me shaking my fists towards the sky at impossibly excessive delays, my feelings of seething hatred would immediately melt into warmth and contentment as soon as I’d slump into my window seat — eager for the twenty or so minutes of peace to come. Devoid of road rage and panic that parking spot quests bring, train commutes are a unique kind of solitary experience where the world seems to slow down and stand still as it ironically whirs right past you. So unless you’re on your way to some event you need to get mega hyped for, abrasive and loud tracks don’t really have a place here — at least for me. Though I love me a good ole punk jam, this quiet setting is reserved for reflective mindfulness where chill, soft and introspective songs reign supreme.

So, in no particular order, here’s a list of ten songs that served as my trusty train companions this year. Ranging from laid-back and soothing, to somber and melancholic, to atmospheric and poppy, these songs will get you in your head, make you feel many a feeling, and maybe even give your brain a comforting little hug of solidarity. Continue reading →


Lame-O Records announces third annual Rock Residency featuring Cherry, Harmony Woods, Slaughter Beach, Dog and lots more

Cherry | photo by Liz Waldie for WXPN

Lame-O Records‘ annual Rock Residency benefit series at Boot & Saddle returns for its third year next month, and WOW would you look at that lineup. A Lame-O event never disappoints, but this year they’ve put together an exceptionally stacked roster of labelmates and friends to take over Boot & Saddle every Thursday in January. And it’s all for a good cause — the proceeds from each show will benefit several local charity organizations. Continue reading →


Harmony Woods debuts new song “Best Laid Plans II” live at the batting cages

Harmony Woods | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

Chances are you haven’t gotten tired of Nothing Special, the debut album from Philadelphia’s Harmony Woods, quite yet — there’s a reason why it was included in The Key’s Top 15 Albums of 2017. Still, it’s always nice to hear new music from our favorite artists, and this weekend Harmony Woods brought us just that, sharing “Best Laid Plans II” during their set at the Philly Gets Alternative showcase at Everybody Hits on Sunday. Continue reading →


Philly Gets Alternative brings Oso Oso, Harmony Woods, Weller and more to Everybody Hits for a two-night fest

Harmony Woods | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

A double header at the batting cages might conjure up some sports-related imagery in any other city, but here in Philly, that’s code for two nights of live music. Philly show bookers Home Outgrown Presents have teamed up with New York-based music blog The Alternative to put together a showcase of acts from both regions over two consecutive nights — a mini festival of sorts, Philly Gets Alternative is happening December 2 and 3 at Everybody Hits. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Harmony Woods at Everybody Hits, Curtis Harding at World Cafe Live, Aster More at Boot & Saddle

Harmony Woods | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

If you missed Harmony Woods on the big stage opening for Modern Baseball a few weeks ago, you can still catch them tonight at Everybody Hits. The project of Philadelphia’s Sofia Verbilla, Harmony Woods has been making strides this year following the release of Nothing Special. Verbilla and band joined us for a Folkadelphia + Key Studio session a few months ago, listen below and read The Key’s feature on Harmony Woods hereSave Face, Secret Stuff and Brackish also play tonight; find more information on the Home Outgrown Presents gig here. Continue reading →


Hear Harmony Woods perform new track, “Best Laid Plans II” at Graffiti Pier

Harmony Woods | still from video

Harmony Woods‘ Sofia Verbilla recently took a trip with Feet First Productions to Graffiti Pier, from which we were gifted with a live performance of “Ghosts.”

Now, a second video is here, but this time with a more colorful background, and a brand new song titled “Best Laid Plans II.” Definitely keeping up to par with the expectations of Nothing Special, the video showcases a beautiful performance that grows in power as Verbilla cuts through the song with her raw vulnerability and strength. Continue reading →


Watch Harmony Woods perform “Negro Y Azul” at Bad Dad Productions; see her open at the Church this fall

Harmony Woods performs “Negro Y Azul” | Bad Dad Music | still from video

Sophia Verbilla’s Harmony Woods recently stopped by Bad Dad Music Productions and performed one of my favorites from her insane debut album Nothing Special. You can catch that below.

Titled “Negro Y Azul,” this track is loud and quiet and charged and soothing. Add in the narrative storytelling-type lyrics, and that crazy catchy guitar hook, and there’s a whole lot of feelings to go around. Continue reading →


Keep up with emerging artists on WXPN’s Discover Local Music playlist, featuring Harmony Woods, OddKidOut and more

Harmony Woods | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Between songs from Danny Black‘s new solo effort and recent Firefly performers Hardwork Movement there’s a sampling of faces from many corners of the regional music community on the new Discover Local Music Spotify playlist curated by WXPN. This is the first iteration of the playlist, which features emerging acts and old favorites alike, and it will be updated and added to regularly as we spotlight the best new music from Philly, Lancaster, the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Continue reading →