Watch a surreal music video for Bleeding Rainbow’s “Pink Ruff” (playing Johnny Brenda’s in October)

And now for your second dose of Bleeding Rainbow this afternoon; the band just released a wild and colorful music video for “Pink Ruff,” directed by Philly cinemaphile (and Pet Milk guitarist) Herb Shellenberger along with Michael Thomas Vassallo. The clip premiered on Stereogum this afternoon, where the filmmakers explained the surreal / intense look:

We shot on 16mm color reversal (Ektachrome 7285) in Rob and Sarah’s basement with each of the four band members sitting and posing in a bust shot. We had intense lights with color gels moving around the band members, video and overhead projectors, a fog machine and a sequence with plastic wrap in front of the lens.

When we got the film back from the lab, we discovered that much of it was misregistered in the camera and out of frame. The footage was even more abstract than was planned, but luckily it fit with the theme. Michael Tom edited the footage with lots of fast cuts, chopping it up to match the intensity of the song.

Check out the video below, and scope the band’s tour dates in our earlier post from today.

Bleeding Rainbow – “Pink Ruff” from stereogum on Vimeo.


Guest VJ Herb Shellenberger previews his Tuesday Tune-Out series (kicks off at PhilaMOCA tonight)

Tonight PhilaMOCA continues its music-and-film summer series, Tuesday Tune-Out, with Herb Shellenberger coming in to curate the month of July.

From booking shows to performing in bands (currently with Pet Milk; formerly of Brown Recluse) and screening films (his day job is in the programming wing of the Ibrahim Theater at the International House), Herb is a longtime player in the Philly indie scene with a wealth of knowledge both musical and cinematic. We asked him to put together a guest VJ post previewing the musicians and the films he’s picked out for the next four weeks.

From Herb:
I was asked by Eric Bresler of PhilaMOCA (also of Cinedelphia) to curate a series of live music + film/video on Tuesdays in July. I have also been thinking about starting my own screening series, so it was a good time to inaugurate Black Circle Cinema. John Vettese asked me to share some videos on The Key so here’s a guide to that series with accompanying videos. All events are at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street), start at 7:30pm and are $5. Continue reading →