Helen Leicht’s Local Pick Of The Day: Hong Kong Stingray’s “Elephant And A Dove”

Hong Kong Stingray“If you are not worried about what electronic messages hostile aliens in outer space are receiving from earth, you should be,” begins Hong Kong Stingray‘s press release on the band’s MySpace page. “For better or for worse, they are currently diagnosing the Cattle Decapitation and Burt Bacharach and Deer hoof musical offerings beamed off our planet, ala the opening scene in that old Jodie Foster movie, Contact…We are not here saying Hong Kong Stingray will save the planet, but I like our chances better with the beaming of this intimidating collection of emotings.” Well, we’re not really sure what to make of all that. (For starters, if Deerhoof‘s music leads to the eventual destruction of Earth due to alien invasion, is this really a planet worth living on in the first place? And we’re not sure how a 1997 Jodie Foster movie counts as “old.”) But, if Hong Kong Stingray is right, and the Philly rock trio’s music is one of the last defenses mankind has against intergalactic domination, you’d best make your way to their record-release show Saturday, October 30, at North Star Bar and pick up a copy of the band’s new EP, A Little Broken Isn’t Bad.