Interview: Man Man frontman Honus Honus gives us the lowdown on his debut solo record Use Your Delusion

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Honus Honus | photo courtesy of the artist

“It is an album about people with real and unrealized dreams. I know that sounds a little pompous but it is true.” From anyone else this may indeed sound pompous, but from Ryan Kattner – better known as Honus Honus of band Man Man – it could not be more intriguing.

Kattner never planned on making a solo record, but when Man Man took a break after their rocking 2013 outing On Oni Pond, he didn’t want to stop writing — so Use Your Delusion was born. It marks the first solo effort for Honus Honus – keeping the stage name established through Man Man – and it gives the dynamic frontman a chance to explore plenty of new opportunities and take some exciting creative chances, while still maintaining the eclectic nature that has made Man Man one of our favorites here at The Key.

While Man Man has released most of their work via indie-rock mainstay ANTI-, Honus Honus decided to take a more DIY approach to his first solo effort. I recently spoke with Kattner over the phone about, among other things, the choice to self-release, the wide variety of collaborators, the solo-record writing process and how he should have become a venture capitalist. Continue reading →


Honus Honus takes us back to the 1930s with his recording of the classic folk tune “Down in the Willow Garden”

Honus Honus
Honus Honus | photo via

Back in those halcyon days when vinyl was the only way to record music, the stakes were much higher. With the stylus pressing every sound into the vinyl, there was no room for error. Now when we listen to a song, it very well could have been stitched together from hundreds of distinct takes. This might allow today’s recordings to be more nuanced and complex than their older predecessors, but they lack a certain element of authenticity. Continue reading →


Honus Honus is #deadagain in Travel With Purpose

Honus Honus
Honus Honus is #deadagain | photo via @HonusHonus

If you go back to a 2013 interview that Man Man‘s Ryan Kattner did with The Key, you’ll read a bit about the so-called “dead guy” pictures he posts on Instagram. Kattner (aka Honus Honus) lays down on his stomach, assumes the position (preferably with one shoe off) and posts the #deadagain photo for his followers to enjoy.The series has been such a hit that web-mag Culture Collide is featuring a handful of the pictures in their magazine Travel With Purpose.

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What was he thinking? Driving through the city, Honus Honus of Man Man performs “Hold On” in the back of a flatbed truck

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.00.02 PM We’ve seen performance videos of musicians in cabs, hotel rooms, stairways, empty swimming pools, bowling alleys, tanning beds, and various rooftops, but we’ve rarely seen songs performed on flatbed trucks as they’re driving through the city streets. We honestly don’t know how Honus Honus from Man Man kept his composure for the making of this video. Below, watch him perform “Hold On” on the back of a flatbed truck for Soul Pancake.


Man Man, playing Union Transfer in March, to release a new album in the Summer

According to Paste Magazine, Man Man are planning to release a new album this coming summer. The album was recorded last November in Omaha with producer Mike Mogis, who worked on the band’s last album, Life Fantastic. Paste writer Philip Cosores reports:

Honus Honus cautions audiences not to expect “Life Fantastic 2.0,” but that the album will be a “natural progression.” Honus notes, “I can’t write the same songs I did when I was 23. It would be a disservice to me and anyone who enjoys what we do.”

Man Man play Union Transfer on Saturday, March 2nd.


Video: Actor Michael Cera joins indie-supergroup Mister Heavenly on stage

Mister HeavenlyThe Internet has been abuzz all week with news about Mister Heavenly. On Monday, Sub Pop Records released a statement announcing it had signed the new band (which features Philly’s own Honus Honus from Man Man, Islands/Unicorns frontman Nick Thorburn, and Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer)—immediately propelling the term “indie supergroup” hurtling throughout the blogosphere for the first time since waaay back in early November (when the Carrie Brownstein-led Wild Flag made its debut). A day later, the word got out that actor Michael Cera—who, previously, had only played bass with fictional bands in films such as Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World—joined the band on stage during its debut show in Seattle on Tuesday night. At which point the online masses went into full-blown hysteria, prompting Sub Pop to mention that he wasn’t an official member of the band, and was only filling in on bass during the West Coast tour. Then, just this morning, Pitchfork posted a link to a blog that has a bunch of videos from the band’s second show in Portland; we’ve posted a couple of videos below, you can visit the site the watch the rest.