Watch Hop Along cover Beyonce circa 2009, pray for a Bey x Hop Along collab at Made In America

Hop Along at Titan House | by Jackie Nevin
Hop Along at Titan House | by Jackie Nevin

If you’ve been following Hop Along for a while, you know that frontwoman Frances Quinlan is an unironic, unapologetic fan of pop music. We’ve seen her cover La Roux at solo gigs in the past, and we know the when she talks about being excited for sharing a bill with Beyonce at Made in America, she’s actually legitimately excited. Continue reading →


We’re reasonably sure Hop Along is reissuing its coveted debut Freshman Year on vinyl

Hop Along's Freshman Year
Hop Along’s Freshman Year

Ten years ago, Frances Quinlan of Hop Along was getting ready to head back for her second year at Maryland Institute College of Art and scrambling to finish her summer recording project: Freshman Year, the first release by her band Hop Along (then called Hop Along Queen Ansleis).

Twelve hours ago, Hop Along posted a video on their Instagram: a vinyl record spinning with the sound of “Sirens” – the opening song on the album – piping through speakers. An acoustic guitar strums, a xylophone chimes and the caption reads “Coming soon……….” Continue reading →


Watch Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan perform this stripped down version of “Buddy in the Parade”

Frances Quinlan of Hop Along | Photo courtesy of the artist
Frances Quinlan of Hop Along | Photo courtesy of Noisey

A few months after the release of sophomore LP Painted Shut, Hop Along‘s Frances Quinlan visited with Noisey to record an acoustic version “Buddy in the Parade” from this year’s Painted Shut. The session takes place in the warehouse of a mural company, buckets of paint creating a backdrop for Quinlan and her guitar. And in typical fashion for the musician, her performance has just as much, if not more dynamism than the album. Watch the session below, and see Quinlan with the rest of the band at Made in America on September 5th. Continue reading →


What color vinyl should Saddle Creek reissue Hop Along’s Get Disowned on?

20150725_HopAlong_Xpo-22If you’re still wistfully reminiscing about Hop Along‘s Saturday performance at XPN Fest, we have something new for you to look forward to! Saddle Creek has announced that they will be reissuing the band’s 2012 debut Get Disowned. Until July 30th (this Thursday), fans can vote on the color of the new records — either ivory, clear, gold, or dark blue. The release date of the reissue is unclear “due to the volatility of vinyl manufacturing”, but the label expects to have the albums out by the end of the calendar year. Continue reading →


XPNFest Recap: Hop Along heats up the River Stage

Hop Along | Photo by Cameron Pollack |

On the heels of their May release of LP Painted Shut, Philly’s Hop Along played a killer set on the Wiggins Park River Stage to kick off #XPNFest day two.

Singer Frances Quinlan thanked the crowd for coming out early and began the set with tracks from Painted Shut, her gritty powerhouse voice shining against strong guitar arrangements and hammering drumbeats. Fans were super psyched to hear album favorites “Texas Funeral”, “The Knock”, and “Waitress”, as well as oldy-but-goody “Tibetan Pop Stars”. Continue reading →


Philly Music 101: The wild world of Philly’s modern rock scene

A few of the talented artists that make up Philadelphia's alternative rock scene
A few of the talented artists that make up Philadelphia’s alternative rock scene (Clockwise from top left: Hop Along, Cruisr, DRGN KING, Tutlie, and Vita and the Woolf)

Philly Music 101 is our regular series guiding you through the wonderful world of the Philadelphia music scene: all of its passionate, loving participants, from artists to venues to studios and more.

The complex web of artist that make up Philadelphia’s amazing music scene can be difficult to categorize. Ask any musician, and they probably won’t want to be pigeonholed as purveyors of any single type of music, but sometimes genre communities are an easy step towards understanding and digging deeper into the well-rounded scene that we have today. With that in mind, Philly Music 101 is going to occasionally bring you genre spotlights – with the understanding that labels are of course limiting, and most of our fave musicians work outside the box.

The first segment of our genre spotlight will focus on Philly’s flourishing modern and alternative rock scene that has seen musicians advance their way from rock bar stages to major venues to the pages of Rolling Stone. Continue reading →


Get psyched to see Hop Along #XPNfest and download a World Cafe performance of “Waitress”

Hop Along | photo by Megan Kelly |
Hop Along | photo by Megan Kelly |

Philly indie-rockers Hop Along have had one incredible year so far. Since the release of their recent album, Painted Shut, and their appearance on World Cafe in May, the band has received nothing but well deserved accolades for their album. Continue reading →

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