Download “Wonderland” by the Brighton folk rock quartet House of Hats

Photo by Frederique Bellec
Photo by Frederique Bellec

House of Hats are a folk rock quartet from Brighton, England. The band features brothers Alex and Rob Gigante along with James Kuszewski and Noddy Al-Omran. Musically, the band recall The Head & The Heart and The Civil Wars, influenced along the way by Fleetwood Mac and lots of Bob Dylan. Alex shares lead vocals with Noddy, and she is a wonderful counterpoint on the song’s harmonies and in trading off choruses throughout the record. The harmonies are compelling, warm and often melancholic, and occasionally take little turns into Seventies soft-rock territory that sound revived and not dated.

HOH just released a new album, This Love, and play World Cafe Live at The Queen in Wilmington on Thursday, June 19th. Below, download “Wonderland,” a spirited, jaunty tune that nicely showcases Noddy’s affectionate singing style, and genial acoustic guitar and banjo interplay.

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