A masochistic journey of self discovery: A review of HUNTR’s self-titled debut album

HUNTR | photo courtesy of the artist

After listening to the first track on L.A. band HUNTR‘s self-titled album, my first instinct was to text all of my close friends to ensure that they didn’t spend one more moment ignorant of the existence of this group.

Its eleven-track self titled debut is aggressive and unapologetic when it comes to the potentially jarring images created by their music. And it totally works for them. The LP opens with the gripping “Veins.” This track is carried by what sounds like notes from a synthetic violin played by multi-instrumental Boris Likharev while Philadelphia-bred frontmen Gilbere Forté and Raak Aveli handle for vocals and Nick Audy rocks the drums. Words are a pathetically inadequate way to describe the power that radiates from this track, but for the sake of this review, it must be done. Continue reading →