Inara George delivers a short set of solo indie-pop confection at Boot and Saddle

Inara George | photo by Josh Pelta-Heller for WXPN

Inara George returned to a Philadelphia stage as a solo artist for the first time in over a decade this weekend. In that time, the prolific songwriter has certainly been no stranger to the recording studio, having released three records with each of two other projects, including the one for which she’s perhaps best known, LA-based duo The Bird and the Bee.

Those in attendance at Friday’s show were clearly fans of George’s entire catalog, and she expressed her appreciation for that in expressly acknowledging her other work, as well as those who may have been a fan of her father too: the late Lowell George, one of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and co-founder of legendary ’70s boogie-rock juggernaut Little Feat.

Still, George was intent to focus on her latest solo material that night, as she and her three supporting musicians regaled the rapt Boot-&-Saddle crowd with a short set of solo indie-pop confection pulled with few exceptions from her new record, Dearest Everybody, released only about a week prior. Continue reading →


Two to Tango: Inara George and Matt Whyte (Rupe Shearns)

Inara George | photo by Alexa Nikol Curran | courtesy of the artist
Rupe Shearns | still from video // Inara George | photo by Alexa Nikol Curran | courtesy of the artist

Inara George and Matt Whyte are going through some changes as late. The chanteuse from the bird and the bee and the one-time Earl Greyhound are moving beyond the celestial pop we identify them with into something heartier and more holistic, a la Whyte’s Rupe Shearns’ alter ego and his To A Deer Outside Ithaca release to say nothing of George’s gorgeous aptly titled Dearest Everybody. Plus the headliner George and the opening act Shearns are old buddies. So we got them to play Two to Tango before their Boot & Saddle date tonight. Continue reading →


Listen to a new song from Joachim Cooder featuring Inara George

Joachim Cooder and Inara George

Joachim Cooder, the son of Ry Cooder, is releasing his debut solo album on April 3rd called Love On A Real Train. Cooder enlisted the help of a number of musicians including singer-songwriters Petra Haden, Robert Francis and Matt Costa, Frank Lyon (of the band Keepaway), and trumpeter/composer Jon Hassell. Joining Cooder on his debut is Inara George of The Bird And The Bee. Below, stream “Pointed Into Zoom” featuring George from Cooder’s forthcoming album.

Pointed Into Zoom – Joachim Cooder featuring Inara George by wxpnfm