The Key Studio Sessions: JaE the Artist

One night a few weeks back, I left the XPN performance studio and immediately noticed the louder-than-usual power rock jams wafting down the staircase from World Cafe Live’s upstairs stage. The source was JaE the Artist, a regional singer and songwriter playing a benefit organized by Ladies’ Night to help victims of the 2016 Louisiana floods.

JaE has been active locally for a couple years now, and earlier this year released her first LP, The Evolution of JaE. As she describes it, her musical path was indeed an evolution: she grew up in a highly musical household that raised her on soul and R&B. But she also had a strong interest in rock music as well, Aerosmith to Alanis to Lenny Kravitz. Working on the record helped her find a way to fuse those sounds, and you hear it in the live band that assembled in our studio for this week’s Key Studio Session.  Continue reading →