Tonight’s Concert Picks: Jeff the Brotherhood at Underground Arts, This Wild Life at World Cafe Live

JEFF The Brotherhood | via the band's Facebook
JEFF The Brotherhood | via the band’s Facebook

JEFF The Brotherhood is set to get down and dirty this Sunday when they make a stop at Underground Arts. They’re touring in support of their new album Zone, which they just released this past August. Only a few days ago, both of guitarist Jake Orrall’s custom guitars were stolen, so come out and show The Brotherhood the brotherly love they deserve. Find tickets and more information on the 21+ event here. Continue reading →


Rock out with JEFF the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet at Underground Arts October 11th

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Nashville garage-rock duo JEFF the Brotherhood return to Philly this fall to play at the Underground Arts. Last year, the duo put out their Past 7 Recordings box set, which collected their out-of-print 7″ singles following 2012’s amazing (and Dan Auerbach-produced) Hypnotic Nights. They also put on an epic show at the Kung Fu Necktie. Recently, the Brotherhood announced a released of covers Dig the Classics out September 30th, which includes covers of My Bloody Valentine and Beck among others. Continue reading →


Hurricane JEFF the Brotherhood rages through Kung Fu Necktie (review, photos)

Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood raged through Kung Fu Necktie like a hurricane last night, leaving nothing but scorched eardrums and satiated fans in their wake. The show marked the first of a two-show mini-residency that continues tonight at 8 pm.

It was an epic night for JEFF fans, as the band—who for the past ten years has toured as a duo—debuted their expanded line-up for Philly, playing half their set as a two-piece, and half as a quartet. Early numbers were brash, rash, and frenzied, as the band tore through songs with abandon—while later ones were thick, heady, and dripping with psychedelics.

The brainchild of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, JEFF the Brotherhood came together 12 years ago in 2001, and gigged extensively before breaking through on the indie front in 2009. Early songs were released through their own Infinity Cat Recordings label; in 2011 they signed with Warner Bros. Records to release their seventh LP, Hypnotic Nights, produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

Both early and later tunes were represented last night, as the band took the stage without a setlist, responding to crowd input and their own whims. The first half of the set saw the brothers shredding through ragers like “Heavy Days” and “Noo Sixties”—Jamin’s beats providing a solid foundation for Jake’s wily guitar licks—as well as easygoing jammers like “Mellow Out.” Clad in all white, with unshakable focus, Jamin was the band’s beating heart, while the devilish Jake, dressed all in black, with long hair and a custom-built, three-string guitar, was its impish, mischievous soul.

For the second half of the set, JEFF expanded its line-up to include a second guitarist (a regular six-stringer) and a keyboardist, whose added power allowed them to tackle more complex numbers, like the motorik-turned-electropop grower “Wood Ox” and the sludgy, Weezer-meets-Nirvana-esque “Dark Energy.” Single “Sixpack” was an easy highlight, with its fist-pumping chorus of “oohs”—while older tune “Heavy Krishna” allowed for maximum psychedelic indulgence, both brothers rocking with abandon for the equally hyped-up crowd. We love JEFF as a two-piece, but last night they proved the brotherhood includes all those who believe.

JEFF the Brotherhood might have tore the (metaphorical) roof off KFN, but early sets from Brooklyn’s Hunters and Philly’s The Bad Doctors were likewise shred-tastic. Hunters blew through the space like a wildfire, front woman Isabel Almeida shrieking and flailing like a pink-haired Karen O.—while The Bad Doctors combined metal riffs and Matt McDermott’s schreechy, impassioned vocals with electronic, new wave grooves to surprising effect. We can’t wait to experience it all over again tonight!

JEFF the Brotherhood plays Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., tonight, May 17, with Hunters and Bad Side. The 21+ show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $15. More info can be found at the venue’s website.


Tonight’s Concert Picks: JEFF the Brotherhood at Kung Fu Necktie, XPN welcomes Josh Ritter to The Trocadero, Faun Fables at Kung Fu Necktie


JEFF the Brotherhood kick off a two-night stand at Kung Fu Necktie tonight.  The Nashville band of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall got the music bug from their father, who has written / produced for Taylor Swift and Reba McEntire.  The younger Orralls’ brand of music couldn’t be much further from that of Swift’s though – with a raucous live show and a sound that inevitably finds itself described as grungy, scuzzy and sludgy, JEFF the Brotherhood attract attention through a barrage of loud and distorted but equally quirky and endearing rock songs on their latest Hypnotic Nights LP.  Tickets and information for tonight and tomorrow’s shows can be found here.  Watch them perform “Sixpack” on Late Night with David Letterman below.

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Listen to JEFF the Brotherhood’s new song “Melting Place” via Noisey (playing two shows at Kung Fu Necktie in May)


The underground kings of Nashville garage rock are back with a new track for a compilation EP called Garage Swim in partnership with Adult Swim and Dr. Pepper.  JEFF the Brotherhood get dark and sludgy on the guitar-slaying “Melting Place,” which be included on the free EP released through Williams Street Records on May 6th alongside offerings from Thee Oh Sees, King Tuff and more.  JEFF the Brotherhood will be in town for two shows at Kung Fu Necktie on May 16 and May 17; tickets and information can be found here.  Listen to “Melting Place” via Noisey here and watch their episode of Amoeba Records’ “What’s In My Bag?” below.


Just Announced: JEFF the Brotherhood playing two nights at Kung Fu Necktie in May

JEFFNashville’s JEFF the Brotherhood will headline Kung Fu Necktie on May 16th and 17th.  The band of real-life brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall are touring in support of their 2012 major label debut Hypnotic Nights.  The garage rock / punk band made the switch from Infinity Cat (through which they released their first five LPs) to Warner Brothers for this latest effort, a move that resulted in Hypnotic Nights being produced by Black Key’s Dan Auerbach.  Presale tickets will be available today at noon here.  Regular sale tickets will go on sale this Friday, March 22nd.  More information can be found here.  Below, watch the band perform the summer anthem “Sixpack” live on Late Night with David Letterman.


Delta Spirit and family make the TLA feel like home (photos, recap)

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to compare the three touring bands on Friday night’s TLA bill to members of a family. The quasi-dysfunctional, generally loving kind one might have seen eating Thanksgiving dinner the day before.

Los Angeles-based garage punk opener FIDLAR ripped through its set like an angsty, intoxicated teenager. Two-piece hazy rock outfit JEFF The Brotherhood, like a token stoner 20-something, took the stage to a cloud of smoke and played multiple tracks from their summer release, “Hypnotic Nights.”

Then, to a mass of colorful lights and a wall of reverb, headliners Delta Spirit invited the audience on to what felt like a rock-and-roll UFO. In the family mix, the band would be that weird uncle, heartbroken and laden with the scars of life, who always put on the best records and had the best stories to tell. Continue reading →


Watch JEFF the Brotherhood perform “Staring at the Wall” on Conan (opening for Delta Spirit on 11/23)

Nashville grunge-rock band JEFF the Brotherhood stopped by Conan the other night and performed “Staring at the Wall” while modeling the latest in winter hat-wear.  Ok, so maybe the hat was just an interesting accessory.  But the brothers really did perform the track off of their new Dan Auerbach-produced record Hypnotic Nights, complete with a jazz flute solo by Conan’s house band-member Jerry Vivino.  JEFF the Brotherhood (minus the flute player) will open for Delta Spirit on Friday, November 23rd at The TLA.  Tickets and information are available here.


Watch JEFF the Brotherhood’s Video for “Leave Me Out;” Playing TLA 11/23

Tennessee grunge band Jeff the Brotherhood, playing at Theatre of the Living Arts on November 23rd with FIDLAR and Delta Spirit (ticket information available here), have released a new video for “Leave Me Out” from this year’s Hypnotic Nights. The video is a teleport to an ’80s A/V club dream, complete with every green-screen background you could ever want: a car chase, a tropical oasis (with waterfalls!), hot air balloons, psychedlic swirls, a war zone, slot machines, and fireworks. Check it out below.


Beware of drinking expensive beer or FIDLAR will find you (playing The TLA on 11/23)

LA punk band FIDLAR show off their rage for anything than their drink of choice in the new music video for “Cheap Beer.” The video features a riotous biker terrorizing those drinking anything other than beer “with a bag around it” in a rampage of violence and explosives. FIDLAR will be supporting Delta Spirit with JEFF the Brotherhood at Theatre of the Living Arts November 23rd; tickets are available here. Watch the video for “Cheap Beer” below.