Watch home videos of the ’89 Turkey Bowl in Jon Coyle’s video for “Family Ark”

Courtesy of Jon Coye
Courtesy of Jon Coyle

Jon Coyle is promoting his family’s 1989 Turkey Bowl in a way that’s as experimental as his music.

The Philly musician, also known as the vocalist in the avant-pop group Son Step, is scheduled to release his second solo project, Family Ark, on February 23rd on cassette and digital release via Marmara Records. But has given a little taste to his fans by ways of Bandcamp and a new music video for “Family Ark,” that fits its name and sound.

Capturing Coyle’s precious family moments, the footage is a promotional video for his family’s 1989 Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl – a sort of gag put together for entertainment’s sake in hopes of stirring excitement for the upcoming game. The gritty 80s VHS camcorder footage also fits the dreamy sound of the song and rest of the EP.

“I love the super-vague story line, as well as the color and older feel of the footage,” Coyle said in an email. “I thought it would make for a great ‘Family Ark’ video with a little bit of editing, and I still get a serious kick out of watching it. There’s definitely a calming and mysterious vibe that the music and visuals create together, and I hope people can get into that.”

The three-song EP, featuring “Family Ark,” “Vaux” and “Moon Country” has enough ambiance to fill up an entire room. The sleepy sounds and reverb muffle the lyrics, making the listening experience different than the average EP, but similar to the ambiance of any Youth Lagoon album.


Download Philamixington II, featuring Norwegian Arms, Radiator Hospital, Catnaps and more


Matt Marchinowski of Big School Records is moving out of Philadelphia.  To celebrate his time here, Marchinowski has pieced together a snapshot of the local music scene with a 27-track mixtape called Philamixington II, available as a free download via his Tumblr.  The second installment in the local music mixtape series, this collection samples various genres, circles and side projects with tracks from radio favorites like Cheers Elephant (pictured), basement staples Roof Doctor and The Hundred Acre Woods and new-projects-from-old-buddies like Avery Rosewater.  From Marchinowski:

Although April will see my moving out of Philadelphia for the peaceful confines of the sticks I will still consider its scene ‘home’. It wasn’t easy narrowing this collection down to 27 jawns but I can assure you it won’t be the last notch in the Philamixington series.

Download the full mixtape for free on Beat the Indie Drum here and stream a sampling of the tracks below.  The first Philamixington set can be downloaded here.