Jonah Parzen-Johnson brings stories of the road to Rigby Mansion

Jonathan Pranzen-Johnson
Jonah Parzen-Johnson | Photo courtesy of the artist

As we’ve all learned from countless listens to “Turn the Page” or “Faithfully,” life on the road can be lonely. But at least Bob Seger had his Silver Bullet Band, and Steve Perry (or his Filipino doppelganger, depending on when you’re listening) had his Journey-mates.

When Jonah Parzen-Johnson tours the country, it’s just him, his baritone sax, and an analog synth. His music for this uncommon combination – most recently represented by the captivating and haunting Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow – captures its own sense of solitude. Occupying a nether region somewhere between high lonesome lament and David Lynchian surrealist noir, his music distorts Appalachian folk melodies through the distorted lens of experimental electronic drones. Continue reading →