Would-be pop diva Karina Bradley fails to impress Make Major Moves…again.

Karina Bradley“All around the world they know me/ because I’m so fine, so sexy,” sings Philly’s own Karina Bradley in the video for “Everybody Knows.” However, we’re not sure that’s entirely true. In fact, for the most part, we only know about Karina because of the folks over at Make Major Moves, who’ve had well-documented beef with her for over a year. (If you haven’t read MMM’s exhaustive coverage of Karina’s self-promotional antics already—or, if you have, but want to experience the hilarity again—you can find it here.) Well, while we were busy getting psyched over Pissed Jeans’ new video, Make Major Moves couldn’t help but notice that the self-proclaimed “next Lady Gaga” had recently posted a new video to YouTube.

Needless to say, they were not impressed.

Well, you’ve gotta hand it to our old friend, Philly pop diva-in-waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting…) Karina Bradley, for keepin’ at it, although it seems to us that sinking any more money and time into Karina’s career is like putting gasoline into a car that’s been totaled. Nonetheless, here’s her new video for “Everybody Knows” for your Monday afternoon entertainment

Here’s the video: