Toy Soldiers will release The Maybe Boys on vinyl and CD this September (playing Johnny Brenda’s 9/13)

toysoldiers.croppedLocal rock n’ roll outfit Toy Soldiers have just announced that their next LP, called The Maybe Boyswill be released on September 10th. The Maybe Boys, which was funded primarily on Kickstarter, will be the band’s first release since its 2011 EP, Get Through the Time, and its first long-player since debuting in 2009 with Whisper Down the Lane.

In celebration of the release, Toy Soldiers will be playing a show at Johnny Brenda’s on September 13th. They’ll have the album available on CD and vinyl and “a bunch of other fun stuff.” Tickets are on sale now, and more info can be found here. Below, check out a live performance video of “Tell The Teller” and “Forget How It Used To Be” filmed at at World Cafe Live.


Lantern’s Kickstarter-funded North American Tour set to begin Sept. 30th at Voyeur, new 7″ now available for pre-order

In keeping with our non-official policy of, “We have very mixed feelings about Kickstarter, and we’ll only post about Kickstarter-related news if it involves your pledges getting you something cool that is actually worth the money,” The Key brings you this approved bit of Kickstarter-related news:

Back in early August, the members of the local rock trio Lantern—which was featured in a Key Studio Sessions post the previous month—asked their fans to donate money toward the band’s planned 2011 North American fall tour via Kickstarter. In exchange, the band offered an unreleased mp3 for every $1 pledge, a CD for every $10 pledge, a personally screen-printed t-shirt + CD for every $20 pledge, two limited cassettes + a t-shirt + a CD for every $50 pledge, and five lessons with guitarist Zachary Devereux Fairbrother (pictured above) for every $100 pledge. (By our estimation, all of that equals a pretty good return.) With more than a week to spare, the band has already raised $2,241 from 69 backers—$241 more than the original $2000 goal. So, earlier today, the band sent out a newsletter thanking the fans for their support, and letting them know about the upcoming tour—which will kick off Friday, September 30th, at Voyeur and wrap up on November 11th in Baltimore (full schedule after the jump).

We are overjoyed, we thought it might come down to the wire but thanks to you it’s not! It is a big relief to hit the road knowing you have a $2000 purse. Of course if you were thinking of donating and would still like to, please consider and visit the page! We could always use more and we have some great gifts! We are excited to be launching our own imprint as well called Mean Streets. For the $50 donation you get our first two releases;  the Bootleg of the Dirty Beaches/Lantern set from Glasslands  last spring and a collection of Zachary’s bedroom recordings from 2009 to early 2011 called, Burned Youth. Both are being burned to just 25 tapes and CD-Rs for now. So get those super limited tapes!

The trio also announced the release of its first 7″, which will come out on Mammoth Cave Recordings on September 30th and is now available for pre-order. The single features the track “I Don’t Know” (video by MIke Spano below) from the six-song Stranger I Come, Stranger I Leave cassette released earlier this year, with “Out Of Our Heads” on the B-side.

Lantern “I Don’t Know” from Mike Spano on Vimeo.

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Donate to Slutever’s “Do America Tour” Kickstarter campaign to get merch, videos, prank calls, + more

Kickstarter campaigns can be a wonderful means of fundraising, especially when your target donor audience is on the functioning half of the digital divide. In preparation for their first coast-to-coast U.S. tour, the punk duo Slutever has just launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising a minimum of $2,000 to help them fund their venture. Unlike other bands that would promise to reward donors with the standard t-shirt or record, Slutever offers an extensive and creative variety of gifts for pretty much every donation level imaginable (in addition to digital copies and 7” of their latest release, Pretend To Be Nice).

Among the most intriguing offers are:

  • Personalized SLUTEVER rolling papers, with a mandatory $4.20 donation.
  • For a mere $50, the band offers anyone in the tri-state area a scandalous night of bowling and nachos.
  • Postcard updates from various cities with tales of crazy tour antics for $75 donations
  • A seventh-grade style mall-cruising date in the city of your choice (for those non-tri-state people) at the $100 level

As the ladies plea on Slutever’s website: “WE KNOW YOU ARE JUST AS POOR AS US, BUT WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Any donation is tremendously appreciated. TELL ALL YOUR RICH FRIENDS ABOUT IT.”

To help Slutever out and get some really personal thank you’s in return, visit their Kickstarter here. The SLUTEVER DO AMERICA tour lasts from July 1 through August 19. Slutever will also be performing at The Barbary with the Coathangers on June 23. —Danielle Wayda