Who the heck is playing the first National Park festival at Bourbon and Branch?

american trappist
American Trappist | photo by Brian L. Tice Jr.

“A lot of music, on a smaller scale.” That’s the idea behind the National Park mini-festival, which brings six bands to the stage at Bourbon and Branch next Saturday.

Coordinators of this event recognize the indifference experienced by many concertgoers when forced to sit through long sets of bands they don’t know in addition to long changeover times while waiting for the act that they came to see. National Park intends to remedy this in a way that encourages listeners to pay attention to new acts in hopes that they’ll discover more local music.

National Park will be headlined by blues rock hybrid artist Joe Michelini (formerly of River City Extension), also known as American Trappist and the 60’s psych rock influenced Madalean Gauze. Continue reading →