The Key Studio Sessions: Kiska

When Owen Staszewski isn’t pounding the drums in Ruby The Hatchet, he’s at the mic for another band of heavy rocking Philadelphians – Kiska. The new four-piece is actually relatively seasoned; it formed from the ashes, as the expression goes, of Philly modern rock outfit Desoto Jones. That long-running band had been experiencing shifts in lineup as well as sonic directions, and last year came to the conclusion that it had become a different band altogether. Rounded out by Owen’s brother Adam Staszewski on guitar, alongside bassist Ean Kyler and drummer Adam Francois, Kiska was born, and set to work recording its debut LP. Continue reading →


Listen to KISKA’s anthemic “Long Divide”

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Philly alt rock band KISKA, formerly known as Desoto Jones, recently released their newest track “Long Divide” off of their upcoming full length EP. Along with the name change, the band went in a slightly heavier direction with their new music. In May, the band released a short, self titled EP. Two months later, the band released “Dying Balloon”, a power ballad.

The new track, “Long Divide” also has a ballad-like vibe. But it’s also got a solid rock and roll feel to it. Continue reading →