Lady Scabies are Frothing at the Mouth on their ferocious debut EP

Mary Perry (left) and Lyndsay Bushong (right) of Lady Scabies | courtesy of the artist
Mary Perry (left) and Lindsay Bushong (right) of Lady Scabies | courtesy of the artist

WebMD describes scabies as a rash “caused by tiny mites that burrow into your skin.” It goes on to say that it “spreads very easily from person to person” and “can affect people from all incomes, social levels, and living situations,”  so with all that in mind, I can’t think of a better name for a punk band. This certainly isn’t lost on Philly’s Lady Scabies, which is comprised of guitarist Mary Perry, bassist Lindsay Bushong, and drummer Connor Jacobus (The Districts). Their debut EP Frothing At The Mouth is out now, and like the rash for which they’re named, it gets under your skin and demands your attention. Continue reading →