Lisa Stansfield brought the Keswick Theater to its feet

Lisa Stansfield | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

By the second song in her set last night, Lisa Stansfield wanted everybody to get up and dance…and it seemed like everybody wanted to, except for one problem. We were at the Keswick Theater. To paraphrase a meme, one does not simply “get up” at the Keswick. The typical audience at the Glenside venue is largely made up of subscribers to its full season of shows; they wish to remain seated as though at a high school assembly, and they vocally express that everyone around them do the same.

Luckily, Stansfield knew the score and sensed that we were kind of sitting against our will.  Mid-way through a set of songs from her second album Real Love, many in the crowd gave her a standing ovation. “Stay standing!” she yelled gleefully and the rebellion began. But honestly, how can one sit through feel-good soul hits like “Change,” “Someday,” and “The Real Thing”? Continue reading →