Preview tonight’s ‘Compact’ Indie Rock Hit Parade (and revisit last week’s show)

Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star
Tune in tonight at 11 (immediately following Land of the Lost with Robert Drake) for another ‘compact’ edition of the Indie Rock Hit Parade! As we do each final Friday, we’ll take a listen to some new releases by bands whose classic material falls directly into Land of the Lost territory. We’ll also hear from contemporary bands who do their own thing with style to spare.

Here are a few things you might just hear in the mix tonight:

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Little Comets and Valerie June played a double header Free At Noon at World Cafe Live (photos, audio, set lists)

Little Comets and Valerie June shared the stage at World Cafe Live for a double header Free At Noon. June played an acoustic solo set, while Little Comets performed a set of their jangly, angular worldly rock and roll.

Listen to the Little Comets’ set here.

Set list:
1. W-O-E
2. A Little Opus
3. Violence Out Tonight
4. Bayonne
5. Worry
6. Jennifer

Listen to Valerie June’s set here

Set List:
1. Workin’ Woman Blues
2. Somebody to Love
3. Rollin’ & Tumblin’
4. Twined & Twisted
5. Raindance
6. You Can’t Be Told

All photos by Elizabeth Mazenko.


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Little Comets at North Star Bar, Joyce Manor at First Unitarian, Jeffrey Lewis/Roof Doctor at West Kensington Ministry


XPN welcomes English indie rock outfit Little Comets to the North Star Bar tonight as part of their successful American tour; the guys recently sold out a show at the Mercury Lounge in New York. Their newest album, Life is Elsewhere, has already been released in the UK, but it’s their American debut and it comes out on August 20th. Check out their catchy tune “Jennifer” below, and find tickets here.

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My Morning Download: “Jennifer” by Little Comets (XPN Welcomes to the North Star Bar on August 14)

littlecomets The Newcastle-upon-Tyne indie rock trio Little Comets is releasing its American debut album, Life Is Elswhere, on August 20th on Dualtone Records. WXPN Welcomes the band to the North Star Bar on Wednesday, August 14. Go here for tickets. Below, in exchange for your e-mail address, download a five song sampler of song by the band, including the bouyant “Jennifer.” Continue reading →


Little Comets to make their Philly debut at North Star Bar on August 14

littlecomets2 Little Comets are making their Philadelphia debut on Wednesday, August 14 at the North Star Bar. Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the British Isles, the trio features brothers Robert and Michael Coles and Matthew Hall. They release their American debut, Life is Elsewhere, in August on Dualtone Records. While the band have their moments of pensiveness, their jangly, slightly off kilter pop has elements of worldly spirited early Talking Heads. XPN Welcomes Little Comets to the North Star; more information and tickets (on sale today at Noon) here