John Pfeffer (of Capillary Action) released new track “Bodega”, co-starring a wide variety of fellow Philly artists


John Pfeffer of Capillary Action is a unique songwriter. Having dabbled in free-form avant-rock in the past with his band - which, as he acknowledges, has been more like a name he uses for whatever music he’s currently working on – he just released a new, very avant-garde track  under his own name called “Bodega.” It features collaborations he’s done with a handful of fellow Philly artists, including Ricardo Lagomasino of Many Arms, Eric Slick of Dr. Dog, YIKES the ZERO, Lushlife, and Jeff Zeigler of Arc In Round. The  track is wildly experimental, and largely instrumental until around the 7 minute mark (it’s 10 minutes in total). Check it out for yourself below, via Soundcloud.

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Listen to “Surface of Last Scattering” from Many Arms (guitarist Nick Millevoi plays The Khyber on 3/28)

NickPhilly noise / experimental trio Many Arms played a set at New York City’s The Stone a few weeks ago, conveniently recording their mind-boggling excursions into free-form jazz for further exploration.  This is convenient because Many Arms’ recordings warrant and require multiple experiences; as Beats Per Minute points out, the structures, themes and essence of the trio’s music don’t lend themselves to instantaneous attachment. 

But it’s worth the effort.  When guitarist Nick Millevoi goes at it solo, as he will next Thursday at The Khyber, his twelve string guitar pieces land in a place equally as foreign but perhaps a bit more accessible with ebbs and flows into chaotic feedback and restrained melodies.  More information for the 21+ show with Spelling Bee, Heavy Medical and Drums Like Machine Guns can be found here.  Below, stream Many Arms’ “Surface of Last Scattering” and watch a video of Nick Millevoi performing  at the First Unitarian Church from 2011.

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Tonight’s Concert Picks: St. James & The Apostles at RUBA, Folkadelphia presents ((TACO)), Prairie Empire and The Sun Flights at Green Line Cafe, We’re About 9 at PSALM Salon, XPN Welcomes Garland Jeffreys at World Cafe Live at The Queen, Many Arms at The Rotunda

St. James & the ApostlesHardworking Philly outfit St. James & The Apostles play RUBA Club Studios tonight alongside Themuffinmanisaband.  St. James is Jamie Mahon and The Apostles are Mahon’s cousin Mike Kiker and second-cousin Jeff Castner.  Together, the trio fuses anthematic rock with moments of twang and the refreshing power of Kiker’s organ playing on their latest record Baphomet.  More information about the 21+ show can be found here.  Below, watch St. James & The Apostles’ BITBY video filmed this past October.

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Many Arms want to thrash with you at The Rotunda on 1/04

When life gives you six arms, make a lot of noise.  That could be the mantra of Philly avant-jazz trio Many Arms, considering their affinity for experimental jaunts into noisy worlds most of us haven’t yet discovered.  On their third and latest LP released by Tzadik, Many Arms (guitarist Nick Millevoi, bassist John Deblase and drummer Ricardo Lagomasino) reach a level of clarity that seems counter-intuitive when the sheer wildness of their free jazz compositions is taken into account, but it works (Spin thinks so too).  Many Arms will be joined by saxophonist Colin Fisher at The Rotunda this Friday, January 4th.  Tickets and information can be found here.  Below, watch the trio perform “Beyond Territories.”  You can also grab a name-your-own-price download of their Live at First Unitarian Church over on Many Arms’ Bandcamp.

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