The Week’s Best MP3 Downloads, incl. Cayetana, Mariah Welch, Ecomog

CayetanaIndie punk trio Cayetana stopped by for this week’s Key Studio Session, recording four tracks and proving just why they were picked up by Tiny Engines Records so quickly.  With insightful lyrics and tight playing, Cayetana are quickly becoming a favorite among local music fans.  Stream and download “South Philly” below and revisit their full session here.  They’ll join Bad Braids at Little Berlin for a Ladyfest benefit show on April 20th; more information can be found here.

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Free Download: Mariah Welch’s breezy sunny afternoon EP Bed Bugs

MariahIt’s the nicest day of the year so far. I should be writing right now, but I keep looking to the window and the warm sun shining down on Walnut Street; I think about how glad I am that I don’t need my jacket; I think about taking a long walk across Cliveden Park later tonight. It’s a day for a wandering mind and an emphatic exhale, and the new EP from Philly singer-songwriter Mariah Welch seems somehow perfect.

The homies at The Deli hipped me to the release of Bed Bugs last week as Welch was gearing up to play a West Philly Matinee show this weekend. I was excited to hear it, since I’ve been nerding out about Welch’s demos this past year. Maybe the Mirah/Mariah parallel is a too obvious one, but Welch’s music is imbued with that same K Records style simplicity, honesty, straightforward introspection, a tender touch of heartbreak and a lot of warm comfort. This set (her third self-release) is her most sophisticated in its textured harmony layers and haunting use of sonic space; the songs are, in the end, voice and guitar, but they feel like so much more. Bonus points for the excellent Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure reference on the opening track “Wrestle You.” Stream or download Bed Bugs below and listen to it in some breezy outdoorsy location later tonight.