My Morning Download: “The Bus Argument” by Mark Adams

Just the other night on her show on XPN2, DJ Kate Bracaglia (she also has a great music blog called Underwater Explosions) played a song called “The Bus Argument” by Mark Adams that immediately grabbed our attention. Adams, a musician and winemaker, records under his own name and as One Time Spaceman and Rancho Deluxe. “The Bus Argument” is from his album Panjanatan, out on June 9th. It’s got some funky tropical electronic grooves, a swinging horn arrangement, some blips and beeps (it’s reminiscent of “Mr. Jones” by the Talking Heads) and a quirky yet entertaining lyric that he sing/speaks that keeps you totally engaged. “What about the bus?,” sings Adams. You’ll know what that means after you hear this infectious and fun song. Download “The Bus Argument” below.

The Bus Argument (mp3 Version) by MARK ADAMS