Philly Free Song Friday is bringing a free show to Bourbon & Branch next Friday


Paul Hocynec | via
Paul Hocynec | via

Paul Hocynec admitted that he was, at one point, negative about the local music scene.

“I wasn’t really the best supporter. I’d complain that nobody was at my shows, but wasn’t necessarily going out to shows and supporting other people,” Hocynec said. “I came to a bit of a weird time in my life and I realized I wanted to be part of a community more than anything else. I just wanted to be connected with other local bands.”

Starting in August, he began Philly Free Song Friday, inviting musicians to his local studio space, Woodbrook Recording, under a few conditions: they have a few hours to record whatever they want, but it must be an original song, and they have to be okay with Hocynec releasing it as a free download come Friday. Continue reading →