Listen to the first beat compilation by local collective smth savant

Dusty Bonez Jones at Backyard Bxss | photo by Austin Eterno | courtesy of the artist

Backyard Bxss Season 1, a 10-track compilation featuring experimental electronic artists from around the city, is the first tape to be released in a quarterly series by local collective smth savant (pro. sum’thing/ suhˈvant). The collective is most known for throwing their monthly Backyard Bxss live sessions held around the city. Founded in 2017 by Kilamanzego and Madam Data, the collective has grown to 5 members and have held monthly gatherings since May of that year to create and share beats and songs during the Backyard Bxss sessions. Continue reading →


Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry storm the city, seething with rage, in the “Streets Dept” video

Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry | still from video

Released last year on Jersey indie label Don Giovanni Records, Crime Waves is a collaboration between two Philadelphia experimental soundscapers, Camae Ayewa and Steve Montenegro, aka Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry. The record explores themes of systematic violence and racism through harsh noise, aggressive beats, and Moor Mother’s powerful poetry. Continue reading →