Unlocked: Go inside the studio with The Fleeting Ends in the “Operator” video

Call it the year The Fleeting Ends took their act out of the garage and into the studio. This week on Unlocked, we’re spotlighting Our Eyes are Peeled, the new full-length the Upper Darby-bred band just wrapped up work on, and is getting set to release in January. (You can stream four songs from the album here, and preorders are now available here.) In our review yesterday, we noted the sonic growth this album displays compared to the band’s earlier work. In today’s video, we see that growth in action – set to “Operator,” the single we spotlighted on Monday. The clip follows the band into MilkBoy Studio with Tommy Joyner at the board, a string quartet from the Philadelphia Orchestra in the live room and Larry Gold leading them through the sweeping hook at the top of the song. Most likely, the band will not have a string quartet with them when they play The Millhill Basement in Trenton on Friday, or when they play MilkBoy on New Year’s Eve. But that’s okay – part of the fun for The Fleeting Ends is having the song exist in two very different ways. We’ll get into that tomorrow in my interview with the band. Today, check out the video to this very poppy tune.

Our Eyes are Peeled is the featured album in this edition of Unlocked; hear the spotlighted track “Operator” in Monday’s post, read yesterday’s album review; and check back tomorrow for an interview with the bands Adams; Amadio and Vantine.

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Watch Gang, Chill Moody and Joe Logic rock out to a cover of Kanye West’s “Mercy”

It should come as no surprise that poppy Philly art-punks Gang and hip-hop luminary Chill Moody are tight. They share a drummer in the versatile Tim Sonnefeld, they both record at MilkBoy Studio. But seeing that camaraderie in action is another thing altogether. Check out this video of Gang and Chill, with Joe Logic on the beats, rocking to a cover of Kanye West’s “Mercy”, shot at the MilkBoy one-year anniversary concert this summer.

“MERCY” – Gang feat. Chill Moody from Skout Media on Vimeo.

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Download “1804,” the new single from Blayer Pointdujour and the Rockers Galore (playing 2nd Street Festival in August)

Photo by Michelle Holshue
Philly’s premier Kompa-rock outfit Blayer Pointdujour and the Rockers Galore just released a new single, “1804,” recorded with Larry Gold at Milkboy Studio. The track musically references “Rockfort Rock” by The Skatalites (one of Pointdujour’s favorites), and its title is a nod to the year Haiti gained independence from France after staging a successful slave revolt. Pointdujour says the song “deals with me trying to connect my family history to where we are today.” Grab a free download of the song below, check out the band’s Key Studio VIDEO Session here, catch them in concert at this year’s 2nd Street Festival in August, and look for Blayer’s full-length debut The Bull in September.

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