Download Modern Baseball’s biting new single, “The Thrash Particle”

Photo by Jessica Flynn
Modern Baseball | Photo by Jessica Flynn | via

Be careful what you wish for. I know that I’ve made the mistake of romantically wishing that someone would one day write a song about me. Little did I realize that songwriters typically find their muse when feelings of sadness, anger, hatred, and jealousy arise. (Needless to say, the song written about me was less than flattering).

Modern Baseball‘s new single, “The Thrash Particle,” brings me back to that moment. Inspired by blinding jealousy, the Philadelphia four-piece’s new track is cynically self-aware, with lines like “You suggested I write a song about the first time we met,/Well I don’t want to remember there or then,” which leads right into “Is this the hook you wanted?/ Is it stuck inside your head?/ Can you sing it with your friends?” Continue reading →


Download Modern Baseball’s “Revenge of the Nameless Dreamer”

photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |
Modern Baseball at the TLA | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Modern Baseball is going through a rough patch right now.  The group recently canceled its Australian and UK tour; announcing it on social media, singer-guitarist Brendan Lukens cited his struggles with anxiety and depression and said ”it’s evident that it’s time to put everything else aside to focus on making steps towards positive mental health.” The single was originally intended as an exclusive download for those that pre ordered tickets to their upcoming tour; instead, it’s been released as a free download for everybody, and its bittersweet lyrics talk of discomfort with changing times. Continue reading →


Modern Baseball kicks The Weaks out of their own audition in “Kick It” video

The Weaks | Photo by Megan Kelly |
The Weaks | Photo by Megan Kelly |

Indie rock act The Weaks have been doing some awesome things lately – like releasing Bad Year arguably one of the best albums so far this year. They recently released a video for their song “Kick It”, which features Lame-O Records alum Modern Baseball. The Modern Baseball guys were auditioning to become a part of Philadelphia’s hottest band, but well…they don’t do that great. However, they get the last laugh when they hijack the entire thing and kick The Weaks out. Oh yeah, there’s a guy who plays a killer electric hot dog and is a virtuoso at shotgunning beers. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Nuevofest at The Trocadero, The Morelings at Bourbon and Branch, Modern Baseball at the Electric Factory and more

Adhesivos | via
Adhesivo | via

Tonight, AfroTaino productions and World Cafe’s Latin Roots Live concert series join forces to present Nuevofest at The Trocadero. Seven bands with roots in Venezuela, Mexico, the Dominican Republic an the U.S. will perform, from El Salvador ska six-piece Adhesivo to Trenton hip-hop duo Agudos Clef. The 21+ show is free, but you have to RSVP here. Watch a video for “Las Moskas” by Adhesivo below and download a four-song Nuevofest sampler here. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Foo Fighters at Susquehanna Bank Center, Modern Baseball at Chameleon Club

foo fighters
Foo Fighters | photo via Facebook

After a massive 4th of July show in D.C. over the weekend, Foo Fighters bring their tour to Susquehanna Bank Center tonight. The fate of the national tour was in question a few weeks ago after lead singer Dave Grohl fell off of a stage in Sweden and broke his leg, but he’s back together and ready to rock out the band’s extensive catalog. Check out the video for “Best of You” below and pick up tickets to the outdoor show here.

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Modern Baseball Needs Your Dog Photos

The infamous "Dog with sunglasses on" logo | photo via
The infamous “Dog with sunglasses on” logo | photo via

Do you own the cutest dog in the world? Do you love taking photos of just how cute he/she is? If you answered yes to both of these questions, Modern Baseball needs your help!

The Philly indie/emo quartet has built up a massive following with their quirky, yet lovable songwriting and image. One of the band’s most memorable logos is a drawing of a dog wearing sunglasses, pictured above. Continue reading →


Philly Music 101: The basics everyone needs to know about the Philadelphia scene right now

Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |
The Districts | Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Philadelphia is a city of many wonders: a buzzing food scene, an established craft beer culture, and a parade of historical landmarks. But one aspect of our city that we are particularly passionate about is our magnificent local music community and all that is has to offer. Here at The Key, we often focus on the particulars of our scene – where artists will be playing each night, brand new local releases, etc. - so much so that we can forget how overwhelming it can be for newcomers to get their bearings.

So for those of you having trouble finding where to start, we are introducing this new Philly Music 101 series as your guide through the wonderful world of the Philadelphia music scene: all of its passionate, loving members, from artists to venues to studios and more. It’s meant to help new fans navigate the scene as much as emerging musicians looking to break in and behind-the-scenes folks trying to get their start. We hope it will illuminate just what makes it so damn exciting for music lovers to live here. To kick it off, here is a by-no-means-complete overview of the different pieces of the Philadelphia music scene that have come together to make up its sturdy foundation. Continue reading →


Modern Baseball, Spraynard, Marietta, and more rock the Church for Strength in Weakness release show

Modern Baseball | Photo by Emily Ivy Scott
Modern Baseball | Photo by Emily Ivy Scott

Eric Osman said “one second” and ran to check if a box of candy left by concertgoers had anything left inside. Unfortunately, the founder of Lame-O Records was disappointed by the lack of chocolate, but stoked by just about everything else – including a huge crowd’s response to his label’s charity split. Continue reading →