From the desk of The Disco Biscuits: City Bisco preview, part 2

The bright lights and electro-rock vibes of the extended Disco Biscuits family will set up camp at The Mann Center this weekend for the Biscuits’ inaugural City Bisco festival, happening on Friday October 5th and Saturday the 6th. This week, we enlisted the Disco Biscuits as guest contributors to The Key, beginning with a Spotify playlist from keyboard player Aron Magner here. Today, the festival overview continues with bassist Marc Brownstein. And don’t forget – we’re giving away a pair of festival passes, so enter now to win tomorrow.

What’s up Philly, it’s Brownie from the Disco Biscuits. I hope you all caught my bandmate Aron’s City Bisco Preview playlist the other day – if not, you can read and listen right here. Turns out he missed a couple of the 15 acts joining us at the Mann for the next two nights, so I’ve got his back – check out our UPDATED playlist here and read on for some deep thoughts…

Brothers Past are literally like the little brothers we never had. We keep inviting them back to our fests year in, year out for a reason… they’re awesome! Tommy even lives in Magner’s house! That’s how close we all are. I’ve been playing with them in bands for over a decade, and there’s no way we’d ever throw a Philly festival without having our closest friends in the scene right by our side.

Speaking of family, Wyllys (aka Wade Wilby) has been a part of the Disco Biscuits’ fabric for over a decade. When we started hanging out with him, we were surprised just how much he knew about our culture, our band, and our scene. In the ten years that we’ve been friends with him, it’s been a pleasure to watch him go from a total unknown to the leader of the nu-disco scene in the States. If you want to dance tomorrow, make your way up to the Skyline Stage at 4:00 as Wyllys kicks off an evening of nu-disco at the Mann. Wyllys isn’t on Spotify, but check out some tracks at his Soundcloud. Continue reading →