XPN MusicNotes: Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters to perform on same stage for the first time ever

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“It’s so special in so many ways, you won’t get a chance to see a bill like this, perhaps ever again. It’s a show I look forward to more than any show in a long time.”-Elliott Roberts- Manager for Neil Young via LA Times

Having just completed XPN’s “Greatest 70’s Music Weekend” comes word that some of the greatest artists & bands that hit their strides in the 1970’s are going take the stage together for the first time ever. Continue reading →


XPN MusicNotes: Watch Guster play “Dumpster Set” in snowy Pittsburgh alley, stream Bloc Party’s new album, see Neil Young perform for Paris billionaire

That was awesome PGH! #DumpsterSet

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Guster had to cancel their show @ The Fillmore Philadelphia this past weekend because of the snow so instead they played an intimate little performance in Pittsburgh…outside in the snow…in front of a dumpster!  Watch. Continue reading →


Church Girls’ Mariel Beaumont talks inspiration, songwriting and upcoming Neil Young tribute concert for charity

Church Girls | Photo by  Charlie Wrzesniewski | | courtesy of the artist
Church Girls | Photo by Charlie Wrzesniewski | | courtesy of the artist

Writing an album is a wholly unique process, one that is constantly morphing and changing for every band on every album. For Mariel Beaumont, of Philly folk / rock group Church Girls, distraction and a little bit of inspiration was just what she needed for her new album Thousand Lives.

“I was feeling a little blocked and took off a week or so and just got really into the album and started learning it,” Beaumont said during our recent phone conversation. “It was just fun for me to break away and learn these songs that I was really loving and just remember what got me excited about music again.”

The album in question? Neil Young’s brilliant, yet often forgotten, Tonight’s the Night. Continue reading →


What band are you going to be for Halloween? A look at covers parties in Philly this weekend

Vita and the Woolf | Photo by Michelle Montgomery |
Vita and the Woolf | Photo by Michelle Montgomery |

Let’s face it, the adult Halloween is only really fun if you get to get boozed up, listen to some music and dance while dressed ridiculously. Or is that just me? Regardless there are some rockin’ shows this weekend where all of the aforementioned are encouraged – and pretty much required. Continue reading →